Reviews for McDonald's in Mankato, MN

Steven Stenzel 1 year ago

Drove through at 8pm. Waited 10 minutes, finally someone came out and took my receipt as they had lost my order. It took another... 10 minutes to get my order. Meal was acceptable but I wouldn't call it fast food. Read more

Vanessa Zins 1 year ago

Just had a frappe, it was delicious and well made. They are getting spendy, like everywhere else. My son enjoyed his happy... meal. Pretty quick drive thru. Read more

Tammy Brockhaus 1 year ago

Muffin toasted black and the still served it. Good job guys.

Trevor Cates 1 year ago

Orders are always incorrect even basic off the menu combo meals. Save time money and antacids.Eat elsewhere. This restaurant is... the definition of unprofessional. Everyone trying to play manager and nobody actually doing work. It will be a cold day in hellbefore a Mc Manager is my superior....... Read more

Terrie Mariotti 1 year ago

I go breakfast lunch dinner. The staff outstanding. Nice outfits and they are clean. The manager is so nice, he give me a bag of... ice for my cooler. No charge. I recommend. The prices are good. Food always hot. I like alot. Please go here, it the best.Applebee's too expensive and no good Read more

Danielle Wright 1 year ago

McDonald?s is cheap and easy but lately it seems like every time I go there they manage to mess something up. Tonight 5/26, I go... there to grab supper and they forgot my cheeseburger, I got home and realized it so I immediately had to go back. I spoke to oneof the workers and told her my order..I distinctly remember telling her that I had ordered a plain cheeseburger..I get back homeand realized they managed to mess up the same order twice. I got a cheeseburger with the works. McDonald?s..for the amount ofmoney your workers get, they should be able to follow simple instructions. I?d really appreciate a refund or a free meal. Thisis getting ridiculous Read more

Lady S 2 years ago

The food was warm, but they were more worried about their doordash orders than about the customers who went to the store to pick... up their own food, so it took 20+ minutes for us to get our order. Plus we had to put in our own order because nobody would cometo the counter and take the order. Might as well have cooked the food myself at that point. Read more

Wyatt Carlson 2 years ago

This is a little to much, just love ketchup all over my hands and no napkins in my bag, if you can't make quality food then... lower your prices, this will be my last time going to this location always a issue. Read more