Reviews for Panera Bread in Mankato, MN

AR 1 year ago

I got a salad with a baguette. The reviews weren?t lying this place is going down hill fast. My baguette looked like half of it... was eaten by staff. I was gonna go back in and get a replacement but I was already running late it wasn?t helpful that the drivethru was closed. Read more

Juliet 1 year ago

This Panera needs some major reorganization. In past few months, the service and quality of food has significantly decreased.... It?s obvious that the restaurant is understaffed, but the wait times are ridiculous. Additionally, the quality of service ispoor, the staff very obviously displaying that they hate their jobs. Hopefully some actions are taken to improve things. Read more

Macy Richter 1 year ago

To say I'm extremely disappointed is an understatement. Came here for the first time, excited to try the new sandwich with fried... pickles and we will never be back. Should have just gone to McDonald's for my pregnancy cravings. ???? Edit: Also got sickafter eating this and forgot to add that the restaurant itself was one of the most unappetizing places I've been to. Read more

Amber Page 1 year ago

Always messy, always takes forever, and the food is not worth the price. Getting a sandwich with a sauce on it is a joke. They... put a penny sized amount. There?s always something wrong with our order. Employees are unfriendly and rude. If my kid atesomething other than Mac and cheese we wouldn?t be coming here anymore. Read more

Morgan Skinner 1 year ago

Previously, I have always liked Panera Bread, but after this experience I will not be going back for awhile. With only one car... in front of me, I waited in the drive-through for over 40 minutes. I pulled right up to the speaker and they said to wait aminute, over 15 minutes later they finally responded to take my order (I would have left, but a car was behind me so I couldn'tback out of line). While taking my order the worker was SUPER rude! I only ordered 2 coffees and 2 bagels. I got my order and itwas wrong. My coffee was made with milk instead of almond milk and received the wrong cream cheese for bagels. I understandstaffing shortages are impacting the restaurant businesses, BUT if those working at least were nice or apologized I would havebeen able to look past the ridiculous wait time and errors. Read more

Dorel Dabija 1 year ago

I am an loyal customer for the past 15+ years unfortunately under the new ownership the warm café/restaurant feeling was lost... and replaced with a more fast food kind of atmosphere, lesser pastries, lesser bread sortiment and quantities. Did I mention theprices? OK, they may not be the only ones. Read more

Tim Drake 1 year ago

My experience with this Panera and so many others that I've tried recently is that they are understaffed. The tables are sticky.... The floors aren't clean. The beverage dispenser isn't working and the "Charged" drinks need to be refilled. The bathroomsweren't clean and needed toilet paper/paper towels. The food has been mediocre. Yesterday at Panera, the employees preparingfood looked like they disliked their jobs. It really left me wondering whether I want to return to Panera, given how consistentmy bad experiences have been with this chain. If they cannot staff properly, they should probably be reducing their hours. Onlyoffer service if you can provide good service and keep your restaurant clean. This one yesterday was disgusting. Here's a photoof a cookie underneath our table. At a nearby table, the customer was spraying the table and wiping it off because it was dirty. Read more

Rachel Hemish 1 year ago

First off they forget my muffin that I paid for when I go to pick up my order, not a big deal, but then I see my sandwich was... made wrong, then I taste my wrap and the lettuce is beyond disgusting. It?s clearly expired. This is the lettuce on thebreakfast wraps. Absolutely disgusting and so disappointed that someone would serve this to a costumer. Read more