Reviews for C&O Restaurants in Marina Del Rey, CA

Monica Rotondo 1 year ago

Excellent food and service. Everyone there was so nice, helpful and awesome. The food was reasonably priced the portions were... good sized the never ending garlic knots are hot and delicious and always being refilled. The place was clean, nice outdoorseating. Would 100% return there if I ever came back to California. Read more

Lynisha Smith 1 year ago

Great service. Garlicky knots just keep coming!!! Substitutions were accommodated. Just not able to provide separate checks for... a large table. Service was on point! Read more

Indra Singhal 1 year ago

We loved the garlic knots - and they keep coming - be careful - you might fill yourself up. The large Fettuccine Alfredo was... drier than expected, meatballs were ok. The stuffed mushrooms were good, but I've had better. The spicy margherita wasavoidable. Read more

Sahil Hegde 1 year ago

Came for the garlic rolls and was not at all disappointed in that department. The endless rolls and quick service to replenish... your plate were great! The dishes themselves were pretty good, though not the best (I found the rigatoni to be a bit on thecheesy side and the mozzarella sticks were alright). My main gripe, however, comes with the parking service. I pulled into thelot seeing only the sign indicating "C&O Cucina Parking" and not realizing this was a valet service. Once I realized that, Iasked the attendant whether parking was free, and he informed me that it was. I was pleasantly surprised (and asked again toconfirm) and deposited my keys and went off to enjoy my evening. However, upon returning to pick up my car after the meal, I wasgreeted by attendants laughing at me for thinking that the parking could be free and demanding that I pay the $8 fee. When Idescribed my interaction at entry into the lot, they simply directed me to a small sign that indicated the parking fee that wasdifficult to see and out of the way. At this point, the staff became rude and I, faced with a growing line of cars waiting toexit, gave in, paid, and left. While the issue was small in the grand scheme of things, this could have been easily remediedhad the initial attendant informed me of the fee correctly or the sign had been more prominently posted (so that it was visibleprior to actually entering the parking lot and stepping out of your vehicle). In any case, this left a sour taste in my mouthand I'm unsure of my desire to return or recommend the place to friends. Read more

Kimiko 1 year ago

I love an endless garlic knot situation! They just kept refilling and I hear kept eating ???? The bread was ok it just got... really hard after a few minutes - I think it’s because they reheat them by frying in oil? The fried calamari was mid -nothing of extreme concern. I had the pesto but it was kinda salty and not a great pesto. I didn’t get the taste of creaminessthat pestos usually got from toasted pine nuts. Read more

Vitaly Kolas 2 years ago

Very nice Italian restaurant. food was good but I’ve had better Italian. The chicken parm was on the tough side and the... calamari was over fried. However, the service was excellent! also, The parking was on the difficult side. Read more

Kevin Welty 2 years ago

Excellent service and Italian food. The garlic knots were fantastic

Shanelle S 2 years ago

Italian spot with huge portions and a Rat Pack theme. Came here on a Thursday around 7:30pm and there were plenty of tables... available. Limited street parking in the front as well as residential parking around the corner. There’s valet available too.Credit cards are accepted. It’s a good spot for a date as well as a big group. They do have vegetarian options available. Youhave the option to make your plates “gargantuan” for an additional cost, and you could have your meals set for the week. Theservers come around frequently with fresh garlic knots, which are insanely delicious. You could easily get full off of four orfive of those things. I got the rosemary chicken ravioli, which was a huge portion and had a good amount of herbs in the sauce.They provide a small bowl of cheese on the side for you to distribute yourself. Read more