Reviews for Burger King in Mariposa, CA

Joel Potter 1 year ago

Drive-through experience was good.. order was correct and timely... a good choice if you're on the run.

Wendy Burnett 1 year ago

There 10/11 gal tending drive thru handed us a soda dripping with soda, I asked for a napkin which she replied in a minute and... continued counting the money. She never handed me a napkin. When the food we purchased was provided the order was wrong. The #7has bacon but she delivered sausage. She was extremely polite to the person preparing the food even thanking that person whenshe was provided our food. Hmmm, will never return to the drive thru Read more

bree camberos 1 year ago

We visited at least 3 times it was only ok once. It was either closed or no one answered our orders. There's only one nice staff... member with a deep voice idk his name tho. Maybe someday they can put something else here. like an In and out or Chick-fil-A. Read more

KG Spark 1 year ago

Hmm... Well ^^ I was satisfied with my burgers, fries & nuggets. It was a little bit too greasy, but OK. Unfortunately I can... confirm the lack of employees & opening times. But: one of the two employees has one of the coolest voices I have ever heard! Atfirst I thought it would be a computer animated voice xD but he could be a storyteller, voice actor etc. Dude, only sky is thelimit, go for it!! :D Read more

Melodie Thompson 1 year ago

I wish I could give this place 0 stars. They open and close whenever they feel like it. I went through the drive through at... 10:30 in the morning just for some water on a hot day and my daughter was asleep in her car seat. The guy says I am sorry we areclosed when asked if I could just have a cup of water they said no. I am definitely reporting them to corporate. Nothing willprobably get done but it will make me feel better. This location needs to be shut down. Save your time and money and go to HappyBurger. Read more

Dimitri Philippe 1 year ago

Wish I could give 0 stars. The place was simply closed with all lights on. After reading the reviews, maybe for the best I was... not able to make an order. Read more

???? ?Qq 1 year ago

Nice and fast service.looks like this guys need more help to oparate this place.they did the best anyway

Curt Toumanian 1 year ago

Rarely is the service "fast food". Too many times a line of 5 cars takes 40 minutes. The food is ok, but many times it is cold.... The cheese on the breakfast sandwiches isn't even melted. In the world of ever one posting mostly negative reviews, I'm shockedthis BK has a rating of 3 stars. Over the past year it has been closed as much as it has been open. Read more