Reviews for China Chef, Inc. | American, Chinese, and Thai Cuisine in Marshfield, WI

v lapine 1 year ago

Teriyaki chicken is the best I have ever had. The chicken was cook to perfect and the sauce was fabulous.

Michelle Paulson 1 year ago

Terrible customer service/attitude. You would think a restaurant with zero customers would be decent, appreciative etc.

Killing Time In Eternity 1 year ago

If you want runny and watered down slightly flavored chinese food this is the place to go, I'm not sure what happened but 5... years ago this place was bangin'! Now I'd rather do World Buffet which isn't exactly the best alternative. This place isoverpriced considering what you're actually getting I'm honestly not sure how they're still in business but good for you I guessthe citizens of Marshfield don't have taste buds. I'll eat it but I'm not gonna enjoy it egg rolls are bomber though. Read more

Travis Zupanc 1 year ago

Absolutely disgusting! We ordered delivery..it took forever to order, forever to get it we were over charged and didn't even get... all the food. We had to call for the rest of the order and never got it....terrible Read more

Max Schaffer 1 year ago

Used to be awesome, pretty sure they are using frozen chicken breast instead of dark meat... excuse me I meant Freezer burnt... frozen chicken breast for the sesame chicken. What a joke this place has become, I can't believe anyone with half a taste budcould even eat there anymore. Such a waste, used to be the best Chinese food in the whole area. Read more

MacKenzie Stein 2 years ago

Under new ownership and it's terrible! Ordered lunch today and was delivered. My moo goo gai pan smelled and tasted like the... entire bottom of the pan my food was cooked in was burned, and they served me the non-charred portion of the food. A coworkercalled and told them, and they agreed to deliver another lunch. When the woman arrived, she demanded I dig the first lunch outof the trash so she could see it. She opened the container and said "It looks fine to me." She was very rude and basicallyaccused me of lying. She gave me the new lunch and left. When I opened the container, the burned smell was overwhelming, worsethan the first. It literally stunk up the office and my coworkers all agreed it was inedible. I'm not picky at all and I amunderstanding of mistakes, but this was awful. My coworker called back and they argued with her that it was fine. The chef evengot on the phone and said he's been cooking this for 20 years and he knows what he's doing. They finally agreed to credit us forthe lunch, but not without a 15 minute argument. This place used to be a favorite, but they will be losing our business afterthis experience. Read more

Jesse Chovan (J.W. Chovan) 2 years ago

Garbage. Kung pao chicken was bland and overloaded with vegetables. There were maybe 8 slivers of chicken to a pile of ... chopped garden variety. If I wanted a salad, I would have ordered a salad. Basically what I got was a bland kung pao salad. Not worth the money. Not family friendly. Even when the buffet is open, we will not be returning. Read more

Amber 4 years ago

Can't say anything bad about this place. First of all, the woman who served us was absolutely pleasant and... accommodating. Secondly, the food was delicious and very affordable! Finally, I cannot begin to tell you how *difficult* it isto find a restaurant who takes vegetarians seriously. See, my family is vegetarian for religious reasons so it is extremelyimportant to them. But a lot of Americans don't respect this or take this seriously. Here at China Chef, they take it extremelyseriously. My family and I really appreciated it and were beyond thankful that someone was considerate of our traditions andbeliefs. Overall, this place deserves a 10/10 rating. I absolutely recommend this place to anyone, and I will absolutely returnhere. Read more