Reviews for Gyro Hut (In Mason City) in Mason City, IA

Marilyn Cosson 1 year ago

Essssh this place was rough. I don't know how they have so many good reviews but all I can guess is that small town, fewer... options, lower standards but I will never be coming back. First, the inside was super messy and dirty. The owners were workingon stuff from one of the booths inside the restaurant and they had anti-diarrhea medication out on the table next to all theirpaperwork. I would really prefer to not know if the people running the business have diarrhea and even better, they should havestayed home and not be preparing food. My gyro was SO greasy. There was literally liquid grease inside the gyro and all on theoutside. It soaked through multiple napkins. It also had barely any flavor other than tasting like oil. My advice to the ownerswould be to clean up the place, don't leave your anti-diarrhea meds out for customers to see, and don't come in if you are sick.BARF! Read more

Ewixk 1 year ago

Super nice people and delicious food, waiter was very personable and thorough, definitely would go back again:)

fenrisw01 1 year ago

Great food, great service. Staff is friendly and courteous. Food is made fresh in front of you

Anita Calleja 1 year ago

This place has some awesome food. I had a gyro platter and my husband had al-pastor taco's. Good portions, and did I mention... super awesome? Yes the food was so good I had to say it twice. My one complaint does not have to do with the food, but with thetemperature. It was to hot in there for me, my husband even commented on how warm it was. I know it costs more these days tokeep a place cool in the summer, but for the comfort of your customers dining in, please lower the temperature. Read more

Matt Gaskin 1 year ago

I had the supreme gryo. It was very filling, it was delicious, and the most authentic gyro that I?ve had (I?ve eaten gyros in... Louisiana, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, and nobody will be able to touch this.) what do I know about authentic? My late buddyfrom Greece introduced me to lamb and it was one of the best things I had ever eaten, this one is real close in comparison. Stophere and show some love! Read more

Zeffyn Mendoza 1 year ago

Great food! Friendly service! We love supporting local family owned businesses! Definitely worth it!

Caitlin Cruz 1 year ago

PLEASE READ!!!! DONT WASTE YOURE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREWARNING YOU!!!!!!!! I would highly suggest you going elsewhere because... If I saw a real review like this I wouldn?t of wasted my money. I spent $35 on a salad and a Euro and they were absolutelyterrible!!!!!!!! I CANNOT STRESS MORE!!!!!! The teziki sauce tastes like sour cream and worried I?m going to get sick off it andthere is no feta besides small little pieces of fake cheese that has no flavor at all. My salad was warm like it?s been sittingout all day and there wasn?t anything hardly in it nor in the euro. Real authentic Greek food is nothing like this and whenyou?ve had a good euro before you know what?s good and you can really notice the difference when you go somewhere that claimsthey serve Greek food. Read more

Michael Ferch 4 years ago

The Gyro Hut has some of the best tacos in town! Here, you can order 3 tacos for $5.00 and just a bit more for a Jarritos... soda. If you are feeling a little adventurous, try my recommendation: Order 3 tacos carnitas with hot sauce and get a pineappleJarritos soda. Squeeze the lime onto each taco and add the hot sauce. The ?burn? only lasts a couple of minutes. These tacosare amazing. If you found this helpful, smash the like button for me! Read more