Reviews for Crumbs in McArthur, CA

Kristi Coza 1 year ago

Great little place. Would eat here again.

Aresio Souza 1 year ago

If you are passing by McArthur, CA this is a must stop place to eat the best food around. Chef Travis is awesome. You will get... all need here. Great food, service, and ambiance. Make sure you call to reserve a spot. This place rocks! Read more

Holly jean 1 year ago

It's nice to have a decent place to eat in a small town but I had to say there were like 6 reasons why I most likely will not... return. I choose not to disclose publicly but I can only imagine these reasons will not be changing anytime soon. Read more

Maria Tartaglia 1 year ago

The food was terrific! We were very surprised to find such an interesting menu in such a small rural town. The staff was helpful... and friendly. My only complaint was how noisy it was but we will be back! Read more

Bob Dahlberg 1 year ago

I visited Crumbs on Friday, May 27, 2022. It is terrific to have Crumbs return to operation. Crumbs is definitely one of the... best places to eat in the Fall River Mills / Burney area. Lots of fresh food options, see 2022 menu photos. There was freshwild salmon special the night I was there. My favorite from past visits is the "dinosaur egg". For 2022 the recipe has beenchanged; the avocado half is no longer deep fried, now the crab is severed over bed of avocado puree -- less labor intensive Iguess. My only quibble with the food preparation is that spices (e.g. ginger, chili powder) are applied liberally, one mightsay too heavy handed, so that that the underlying flavors are shouted out. Service was attentive. Corkage $10. I will return! Read more

Samantha Go 2 years ago

Travis is the best chef in town hands down. I've worked with him over the years in the past and he's a great guy who works hard.... The location and establishment is eloquent and makes you feel at home, but in a upscale fancy setting where you can enjoy andrelax. It's beautiful really. The food is the best part. So many different flavors. Read more

Phoenix Bailey 2 years ago

Phenomenal. Calamari Picata with grilled sushi rice. Clearly one of the main ingredients here is crack, because it just tastes... like MORE PLEASE. Not that the portions are small, they are not, perfect size. Also an innovative, adventurous house salad. 10* Read more

Richard Blecha 4 years ago

Simple rustic with a splash of modern, Crumbs takes an old house and converts it into a local gem. We happened to be dining... with a local who told us it belonged to her Grandmother. We sat in what used to be the bedroom where she slept as a child. Good Karma exudes from this restaurant as she regaled us with many wonderful stories of her Grandmother. Features include aWine & Sushi Bar. Sit at the bar and you can interact with the Chef providing an even more personal experience. Local brewsare featured from the Fall River Brewing Company; I enjoyed the Pittville Porter, delicious. The food takes it to anotherlevel, something you would not expect to find in this part of California. My choice, a brisket and shrimp don buri bowl. Themultitude of textures provided a very pleasing experience in my mouth, especially the crispiness of the brisket. It was spot-onwith what I would find at an upscale the Bay area establishment. Definitely worth ordering! The Brentasaurus chicken, our otherdish that we ordered, was exceptional as well. As you can see in the picture the panko and Parmesan crusted chicken breast wasprepared to a deep delicious golden brown, sporting exceptional taste. The dishes as a whole we're not heavily spiced, heavilysalted, or heavily peppered, thus allowing you to taste the essence of what the chef had prepared; giving you the option to addany additional spices if you found it necessary. We did not, as it was just right. If you are in the area this is definitelyworth your time. I would recommend to call ahead for reservations, otherwise there is seating for 7 at the wine & sushi bar. Read more