Reviews for McDonald's in Medford, WI

Shannon Miller 1 year ago

The food was good, and the service was overall helpful and kind. 1 gentleman (supervisor of some sort) was really... dubious. I... had to keep supplying receipts for the missing food and explaining how it was missing. We were given someone else's number andfood.. and somehow, the cashier "missed" 2 orders of ours.. which we then paid for, but then my card wouldn't work (too manyuses in a short period), and when the man was called to unlock it, he seemed suspicious of my order and me in general. Then,when we got the right order, the double fish was a single fish(the special order slip said double.. there is 1 filet.. it seemedsimple to add another filet? My husband needed to get the manager this time, however.) missing soda and fries (cashier handedcups out at the end instead of with the order so a soda cup was given to a child that ordered a milk- again not a superimportant thing but did take us time to notice where things went.. and of course, kids dont share, so we needed a NEW cup, andthat simply couldn't happen with all the previous subpar interactions, so we just rinsed it) Read more

Christian Allen 1 year ago

Orders are constantly getting messed up. This is fast food. You got one job???????????????

Cali Easley 1 year ago

We didn't get her name but the woman with the pink hair started our day out right! She was very charismatic and kind during our... interaction. Great customer service and delicious mcgriddle! Read more

Peter 1 year ago

I doordash for them I love all of them they're great people and they're pleasant to deal with and always take care of me in a... timely manner Read more

Daniel Brown 1 year ago

60% of the time, it's right everytime. Staff is excellent, expect to have your food fresh. Very well managed!! One of the best... McDonald's I've visited. Read more

Adrienna Husser 1 year ago

There were so many Flys in the dinning room.. very gross, keep landing on me and my friend well sitting, and dinning.

Jacob Thums 2 years ago

Ordered 20 piece mcnugget, got 18..... gonna have to check everytime I get nuggets, suggest others to as well. Opened the first... one and counted 9 didn't care but the second one... wow. I get it not the best people work there but at least know how to count. Read more

Better Property Management 2 years ago

New crew is fast and kind. Thank you for the bomb coffee and hash brown this morning???? ????