Reviews for Ravens Restaurant in Mendocino, CA

Chloe Martins 1 year ago

This is the restaurant that is inside the hotel on a hill side near the ocean in Mendocino. The hotel is gorgeous during the... day. At night during this time it's filled with Christmas charm and giant fireplaces in the lobby. The lobby also has anamazing array of books. Go past the lobby and there lies the restaurant. Tables are spilled out of the dining room. I wantedto love this place because I was ranted and raved too about it. Service wqs okay, our dishes came out at different times andpeople had to wait to eat. One dish was forgotten, but they did give us extra chips for my son. The food was just okay. Needmore razzle dazzle. Don't forget the hefty price tag. All vegan restaurant. Unsure if I'd go back. Read more

Angela Stanger 1 year ago

Ravens' restaurant is absolutely delicious and I highly recommend dining here- whether you are local or staying at the Stanford... Inn. I stayed with my mom and we ate here every breakfast and dinner for our stay! From the gorgeous views, polite staff anddelicious vegan cuisine- we had the best time! Breakfast and dinner were both special- check out my photos! It's very unique tofind a restaurant that doesn't depend in mock meats, oil and over salted food- everything on the menu is fresh, creative, andallows the flavors for fresh herbs to come to life with local ingredients Thank you for adding to our stay the best food outthere! Read more

Janice Stanger 1 year ago

I enjoyed every meal of our dinners at Ravens. The food is creative, delicious, and attractively presented. Most nights my... daughter and I each got a small plate, followed by a large plate. One night we even indulged in dessert. The food is rich invegetables and many other healthy ingredients, and is low oil and not fried. Our favorite small plate was the kale stack, andfavorite large plate was the sea palm. As we roamed nearby parks, we were quite attuned to all the sea palms growing on rocksnear shore. Ravens sources their sea palm locally, so we might have been looking at someone's future dinner. The portions aregenerous, and every night we took enough food back to our room for lunch the next day for both of us. Read more

Hasan K. Alemdar 1 year ago

The restaurant is a part of the beautiful Stanford Inn. Unfortunately, the food is less then mediocre and the service is... downright poor. We moved to Mendocino a month ago and being vegetarians, we were really excited to have a vegitarean restaurantnearby. Having eaten there twice over the last month, followed by a take out, we came to the conclusion that Raven has a longway to go to deliver delicious, well prepared and well served food. However the only exception in this poorly managedrestaurant is Tyler who works as a bartender. His cocktails are amazing and he has a great friendly attitude w guests. Read more

Rachael Ct 1 year ago

To be fair, it?s been a couple years since I?ve eaten here since we live a couple hours away. But, I had to write because the... reviews here are hilarious! ?Too many dishes come with chips?, ?I had to ask for special water?, etc. I?m not really sure whatpeople who are leaving these reviews expect from restaurants. Read reviews on other sites for true feedback. I?ve been veryhappy with every meal here. Nice healthy vegetarian dining that even a meat eater can appreciate (not a fake meat kind ofplace). A casual lodge-feeling space with a fine-dining feel. Fair prices for farm-fresh food in a far-from metropolis region. Read more

Victor Heng 2 years ago

Extremely disappointing and expensive meal. Not at all worth the price. Kale stack and glazed tofu were alright. Good flavours... and reasonable portion for cost. Sea palm and root veg strudel was nice texturally, but not exciting flavour-wise. We were alsoadvised that it was not substantial, so we ordered a vegett stir fry to go with it, not realizing that it is already supposed tocome with it. But the staff were not wrong. For $12 a piece the strudel was deeply disappointing. Trumpet mushroom croquilleswas a decent portion for the cost. But the flavour was just sour. Risotto was bland and chunky, not creamy texture as I'dexpect. The mushrooms on top were just sour. Not lemony. Sour. Like vinagre. Stir fry was nothing to write home about.Vegetables with some soy sauce. For $12. Carrot cake was dense with an unpleasant icing. Will not eat at again or recommend. Read more

Gwen W 2 years ago

This is a an extraordinary restaurant that should not be missed. The imagination and creativity of the menu is a rare... opportunity. You?ll need a reservation, but if Mendo is closed for the night you can go early and hang out in the book store /fireplace lounge with a drink. Read more

Julia Hesse-Fong 2 years ago

Too many tortilla chips on the menu. Big fan of plant based menus, so I wanted to love this vegan place. I expected high end... quality food, but I felt like my experience was subpar. Food: on the positive side, much of their food comes straight from theirgarden. The menu aims to reduce oil use, making the dishes healthier. The portobello benedict at breakfast and the enchiladas atdinner were good. The cocktails were generously sized and yummy. As for the negative, I found my food was oddly dry and not veryflavorful. Too many dishes with tortilla chips. The water was infused with lemons and cucumbers, which is not my preference. Myparty got the mushroom polenta, enchiladas, and adobo tostada. Service: good service but waiters aren?t that knowledgeable aboutthe menu. I had to ask for non-infused water every time I wanted my glass refilled. Space: Quiet, so feels formal. Everythingelse is casual. The room is spaced out, but not well ventilated. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the floor is very squeaky// (note: I ate here three times: twice for breakfast and once for dinner. Read more