Reviews for Domino's Pizza in Menomonie, WI

Timothy Kopet 1 year ago

Ordered 16 pizzas and garlic cheese bread and they had it done on time for the birthday party!

Frannie Clark 1 year ago

I have ordered from there for over two weeks and had no issues of the food being delivered to my job. Then around the 1st of... August I orders over 40 dollars worth of food just for them to take the money and then cancel my order and say I was out oftheir delivery area. My money was suppose to be returned by the 4th and never got my money back. Called them today and the samefemale manager that canceled my order is the one I talked to about why I have not received my money and she told me I would haveto call back after 5pm and talk to a different manager. I feel that some of these workers need to be trained on how to do theirjob the right way. And their website when you choose the delivery option should be updated if some places are outside of theirdelivery area. Read more

Jacob S 1 year ago

Delivery range garbage. Address online was accepted but declined by store staff. Found another delivery address, met driver and... they had no topper and were hidden between two vehicles. Driver was exceptionally early, when I placed order was told 40minutes, therefore driver had to wait about 5 minutes for me to arrive since he was en route within 10 minutes of me placing theorder. Pizza was fine except it didn?t have buffalo sauce which it was a buffalo chicken specialty pizza. Read more

Parker Cmeyla 1 year ago

Upset about my 8 piece chicken. Paid to much for to little.

Courtney Hopkins 2 years ago

Took them an hour and 40 minutes to deliver a medium pizza and 20 Oz soda. Pizza was dry and almost cold by the time I got it. I... had even called to check the delivery status and after they told me it was getting ready to leave the store, it took anotheralmost 40 minutes. Read more

Jarid Bresina 2 years ago

This location is greatly struggling in getting their delivery orders to the customer in a timely matter. Quite often it takes... over an hour when they give a estimated time of 20-25 minutes. The most troubling part is that there seems to be no interest infixing the issue. The overall rating of 3. Something seems to be no indication to anyone that they need to improve. Just waitedover an hour for 1 pizza, 1 sandwich, and some pasta. Depressing. Read more

Michael Bosmoe 2 years ago

After waiting over an hour and noticing my food was pulled out of the oven 45 minutes before I called in to check the status of... our order, I had to cancel it. Whatever they tell you the delivery time will be, make sure you triple it. Was originally a 28minute delivery. They only have one delivery driver. Read more

Alex Beranek 6 years ago

I ordered online and it was a great experience. The delivery was on time. I ordered a Mediterranean sandwich. The cheese was a... little burt on the sides, but it was deliverd hot which was great! I much rather have a little burnt cheese than a coldsandwich. Overall, well done!! ? ???????????????? #yum Read more