Reviews for Pizza Hut in Menomonie, WI

Heidi Corr 1 year ago

I called for a carryout order. Spent 10 minutes on hold and then got disconnected. I called back and spent 5 minutes on hold. A... person answered and put me on hold for another 5 minutes. The person came back on and took my order. Before giving me a total heput me on hold again. I spent 20 minutes on hold. He came back on and asked me what I want to order. I told him I had place myorder and was waiting on a total. He said "that's weird" and put me on hold again. After another 10 minutes I hung up. I droveto Pizza Hut on the off chance that my order was entered. It was not. Read more

Anneta 1 year ago

We were at Loves truck stop so my husband could do his 10hr break. Did a quick search for food with delivery options and found... pizza hut at 3.9miles away. I went ahead and placed an online order, then I husband called the store right after and gave theemployee specific details of where we park and why. The ETA was between 35-45mins but our delivery person was at the truckwithin 15-20mins. Our meal temperature was hot and fresh. Delivery guy followed the instructions to a T and he was veryprofessional and polite. I would definitely recommend anyone to order from this location. They did a fabulous job. Read more

Jody Kelley 1 year ago

Last night my brother did a quick plan party at Pizza Hut. He warned them in advance of course that 15, including 8 children,... would be coming. From the moment we walked in we were treated so wonderfully! The waitress was unbelievable! The food wasreally hot and everyone enjoyed themselves. A big thank you to our waitress for serving and to the cook for being fast! We ALLhad a really nice time! Read more

Lynn Pabst 1 year ago

Cleanest nicest Pizza Hut I?ve ever been at. Pan pizza was excellent. I always ask for it to be cooked a little longer because I... like the crust crispy. Read more

Alex Levasseur 1 year ago

Food was good other than the very small portion of cheese considering I ordered extra cheese. Nothing to fret about. The server... however, had a real attitude problem. I was in there a half hour ago. This is honestly the first time I have wanted to leave notip and write a note about my experience on my receipt. Sorry you've had a bad day. Deal with it or stay home. People wouldrather take their food to go than tip somebody who has an attitude. I know I'm not the only one who thought so because I couldhere the 2 other tables making the same comments I just have. I whole heartedly believe in tipping 40% minimum, 75% if theservice is really friendly and cheery. You did not deserve the $6 I left you. I hope it goes to the cook in training. Read more

Edward Swank 1 year ago

Wasn't overly impressed with the pepperoni lovers Pizza tasted more to me like just a big pizza pie of grease and cheese had... somebody see this then had a variety of waitresses bringing our dishes and nothing came at the same time we were almost doneeating when the waitress realized we didn't have our breadsticks that we ordered in the beginning even though I told her that Iwould be ordering something to go they did bring us our check at which point I ordered the item to go so needs good training ofstaff Read more

Mike Falk 1 year ago

You'd think a pizza place would know how to cook a pizza with making it literally be fall-apart-soggy in the center. Sadly on... multiple occasions this location has proven to not have that level of knowledge. They don't know how to cook a pizza tocompletion. You are safe buying breadsticks at the Menomonie Pizza Hut, or better yet drive to the Eau Claire Pizza Hut becausethey will actually cook your pizza. Plus they don't offer the $10 tastemaker deal while other locations do, so you are literallypaying a premium price for an inferior product. Read more

Kathleen Grube 5 years ago

Fun staff & great food!