Reviews for McDonald's in Meridian, MS

Tim F 1 year ago

Always a good experience at this location. One time they forgot my hashbrowns but they gave me extra ones and even threw in a... couple pies for the long wait! Much better than the other location in town. Read more

Aki 1 year ago

Extremely long wait time for delivery drivers and not having orders ready. Everyone else is getting their orders but I'm not.... Been waiting over 30 minutes and then I find out that they forgot about me. Read more

Christina Benson 1 year ago

I ordered on the app and when I got to the speaker, they pulled it up and told me to pull around. Once getting to the 1st... window. They verified which order was mine. Gave me a receipt, sent me forward. At the 2nd window, my food was waiting. In andout in under 3 mins! Read more

Daryl Jones 1 year ago

My order is always on point. Great service. Great food. They always greet me with a smile....

Angela Cates 2 years ago

I probably don?t even have to say anything about this place I?m sure anyone who has visited this location has experienced the... lack of concern they have for their customers. Most of them need a speech lesson as well as English 101. Orders are NEVER rightand when u say something they still don?t fix it or either talk about spitting on your food. I?ve ran into very few I do meanvery few employees there who took pride in their job. People if you don?t want to work then don?t! Stop making these businessowners franchises look bad. Maybe the bar needs to be a little higher who knows but it?s not right! Franchise owners probablyneed to check their team members customer service skills. Also , I really don?t think that anyone in this location is competentenough to keep the online order process. I was told this morning after my order was made that breakfast is over and they nolonger sell egg McMuffins- come on people the McMuffin and the Big Mac are McDonald?s trademark sandwiches tell that B?S tosomeone else. I?ve had it with everything in general at every McDonald?s that we go to. Poorest customer service I?ve seen . Iwas purchasing the sandwich for mly sick mother who hasn Read more

C 2 years ago

I usually don't leave bad reviews, but I sure wish I would have read all the poor reviews for this McDonald's. Heed my warning... and skip this place! Let's start with the ordering process. Should be simple. Order the food AND PAY at the kiosk, get yournumber, have the food brought to you. At this McDonald's you are lucky to get your food before it's cold and rock hard. Plentyof "employees" (I use that term loosely)but not a lot going on. A lot of standing around, looking at their phones, and givingblank stares when someone asks things like "where's my food I've been waiting for for 20 minutes?" The place is filthy. Not aclean table in the place, floors were nasty, and one of our drink cups (that we finally had to go up and wait in a big line toget)had a hair in it. Disgusting! Families were sitting around waiting for food until they realized it wasn't coming out, thenwaiting in a long line to see why. When we did so, the girl behind the counter didn't even speak, she just pointed to thekitchen where there was a boy leaned up against the wall, on his phone while hamburger buns piled up. There was zero customerservice. Just a lot of blank stares and drawing a paycheck for doing nothing. The food was lukewarm to cold. I'm sure it sitsaround a while, kind of like the employees. Read more

Yarasie Harford 2 years ago

We started placing our order after she greeted us and asked for our order, then the cashier walked away to talk to another... employee without so much as an excuse me or an I'm sorry! When she finally came back she acted annoyed, we had to repeat ourorder to her and she acted as tho we were bothering her. Not the best experience with the cashier but we got our order in atimely manner. It was correct and the restaurant was clean so there's that. Read more

Michael McClary 2 years ago

Rude manager. Incompetent staff. I asked for a number 7, with two cheeseburgers plain. I left without checking my order to... ensure the burgers were plain. I don't care for ketchup, mustard and pickles, I get indigestion from those condiments. I shouldhave checked the order. I usually do. One of the burgers was plain, the other was not. I come back about an hour later to getwhat ordered and give them the wrong burger they gave me. Then they give me a burger without cheese on it. Yes, after they giveme yet another burger that was wrong I slammed the burger on the counter and said, "Cheeseburger, plain!" I finally got it, Ihave not eaten it, the person may have contaminated it. As I was leaving the manager confronted me and said: "I saw that! Youslammed the burger down! That was Rude!" And mumbles something else ugly. I get back to my car and decided not to take that kindof confrontation from such a rude manager. I go back in the store, the manager is sitting eating. I asked for his name, with amouth full of food he spoke some numbers I couldn't understand. Ask again he rudely said it again, and I couldn't understand. Hefinally said something I understood; "I'm eating! Get out of here!" I will be contacting McDonald's Corporate. I am tired ifcorporations running over the people that support them. That manager is rude. Should never treat a customer like that.period IfI could give this restaurant negative stars I would. Read more