Reviews for Red Lobster in Meridian, MS

charlie price 1 year ago

Took the wife out for her birthday dinner. She thoroughly enjoyed it. Food was great. Service was great too.


It's a odor in this building of old carpet it needs to be cleaned or refreshed or the seats need to be wiped down and sanitized... . The seafood smell is not as bad as I thought but it's just a odor in here that you can't get out like at a buffet that thecarpet needs to be cleaned or the tables need to be thoroughly sanitized as well as the seats . However I came back but seatedin a new area and the lobster was not as salty and the waitress or waiters has always been great . Read more

LeRay K 1 year ago

Just had the Endless Shrimp special!! It was amazing!! Our server James was outstanding. He was "Johnny on the spot" with... everything. Put our first plates in front of us and said, "what do you want fir round 2, so I can get it started for ya?" Whatan awesome guy!! He even gave us the military discount without us even asking!! (Hubby and I both wearing our USMC fatigue hats)We give the experience a 5* on everything!! Read more

Joe Smith 1 year ago

Everything was fine. Food services and the attitude of all the waitress was great even though they were short handed.

Paula Speed 1 year ago

The butterflied fried shrimp were a little overcooked. Browse overload was melt in your mouth delicious. Cheese and sour cream... on baked potato were skimpy. Read more

IsaBellaStar Swan (Laura) 1 year ago

Went for my birthday! Absolutely loved the visit. Very good, quick and very responsive service. The place was very clean and we... were able to choose where we wanted to sit for our comfort. Thank you Red Lobster for that. Quick back with our food. Maybewaited 20 mins. Not even. The food was good ???? in my opinion. Alot of people say it is bland.. but what alot of people don'tunderstand.. is there is people of all ages eating here. All the time. From young children to elderly. I am sure if you toldthem to cook it the way you would like when ordering they would.. (may take a little longer to prepare the food but I am surethey would do it if you asked.) but to me. I found the food fair. What I mean by fair? ..is the food is cooked appropriately. Toany age CAN eat it. Its not too spicy nor hot. They also have lots of sauce, butter and pepper side choices for add to your foodor extra flavor adjusting. I'm sure you can requested some hot sauce, red pepper flakes or jalapeños they probably woud getthat for you.. So you can change the "fair" food to what you would like. Spice wise cause they give you that. I liked thatfeature. So to ME, the food was very good. Thank you. The in house biscuits are just unspeakable on how good they were. Verygood.???? The Lobster was on point. ???? The shrimp were flawless. They had lots of flavor, were moist and still had theircrunch. Very good. Shrimp is one of my favorite foods. ???? The crab was the only thing that could have been a little different.Maybe steam them in a little salt and butter. Not alot... Just a little. But they did have side sauces for that as well. Alsowere are the blue crabs?! We need this! I would have ordered 12 to go.. I know thus isn't a crab shack.. but I know you guyswould make your money there so good! Just a recommendation... Everything was good. I give a 5 star! For dine in! Willdefinitely be coming back SOON and I recommend the place to people of all ages! ???? Thank you Red Lobster. Read more

Gina Edmonds 2 years ago

Happy 15th Anniversary ???? on St. Patrick's Day. Enjoyed the Ultimate Seafood Feast, loaded baked potato, Medium Juicy, Medium... Well Sirloin ???? with extra trims and ????.The waitress was polite and professional. Thanks ???? Read more

Joannie Juergens 4 years ago

Good food clean restaurant wonderful staff friendly and helpful but the reason they God 4 out of 5 stars is because we did the... endless shrimp and refills were a ridiculous long wait time. Waitress apologized and put in our next resupply when she broughtone Read more