Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Meridian, MS

neundra lewis 1 year ago

The employee was very nice taking my order. It only took about 5 minutes to get my food. She was kind and thanked me. The food... was very good. Sonics has always been my favorite go-to place. Read more

Tosha Kimble 1 year ago

I say in stall 5 for a long while after pressing the red button just for someone to pull up next to me and order right away. As... I was moving to another stall I sawan employee and was telling her that the thing wasn't working. She said I know and neitherdoes number 9. Like there is nothing there to let you know that the thing doesn't work. How are we supposed to know that we arewasting our time when a simple or of order sign could be put out in less than 2 min. Read more

V Ata 1 year ago

Placed order, number 6 hot dogs. Did not ask if chili or all American. Had to tell them after order. The cherry limeade was... absolutely horrible!!!! We were sitting for awhile and witnessed them bringing drink orders out that people had to be waitingfor way too long. Read more

Tia Bloom 1 year ago

Date 09/05/22; Time 12:13 Just left this Sonic location and hope not to ever come back. We were in the drive thru line and... waited for 10 minutes or more for someone to say something and they never did. No "Please hold" or "One Moment"...nothing! Noone ever said anything to take our order. I literally walked over to the Shell gas station right next to it and got the mainthing I wanted quicker?a Sprite and a flavored one at that. Instead of waiting to get food from Sonic, my family got tired ofwaiting too with no repsonse and left to come where I was for food too. The car that was in front of us hadn't even gottentheir order yet by the time we left. Love Sonic, use their app all the time, but this location is an absolute no for my familyand I. Read more

Kim Bates 1 year ago

Everytime we come here. The order is wrong. And I repeat my self numerous times. Buzz them to redo your order. They bring it... back out. And it?s still wrong. Just agitating. And it is always a very simple order. Read more

Christine Hemphill 1 year ago

I just waited an entire hour in line. ONE WHOLE HOUR. I don?t wait that long at 5 star restaurants in Vegas. Legitimately one... employee working, the rest just joking around while the one single lady worked. Incredible. Read more

The McCaleb Show 1 year ago

Worste Sonic?s I ever been to. I sat outside in an empty parking lot on hwy 19 Meridian while the red button flashed. I could... hear people talking and laughing but no one took my order or answered . I also drove around to the drive through and no oneanswered drive through either . I enjoy Sonic?s a lot and I only want a Oreo and snickers ice cream.. horrible service Read more

Bethany McDonald 1 year ago

Unprofessional work environment, they answered and was just laughing their butts off, clowning and barely paying attention to my... order, all I asked for was 4 of the chilli cheese dogs for $1, that was an awesome deal so we stopped in, but I didn't care fortheir service, and the food was of course sitting under the heater for awhile, and it took us 10 minutes to get our 4 Chillidogs. Next time I'll just get a drink, those are always wonderful. Read more