Reviews for Genghis Grill in Midland, TX

Joanne Raine 1 year ago

I at one point loved this restaurant but because of the customer service It was awhile before I went back. Tonight I decided to... give them another chance and sadly it was disappointing yet again. I ordered online for my dad and I and went to a nearly emptyrestaurant during dinner hours to pick up. Waited for awhile to be helped and waitress came up to me and clearly looked like shedidn't want to be there. When I went home with the order "two bowls only" Dad and I quickly figured out they mixed up theingredients in our bowls and didn't give us what we had each ordered. Not going back again. Read more

M. Jackson 1 year ago

Horrible experience it was 1 waitress seating taking orders all alone for about 10-11 tables ! With 2 or more guest each . No... one stepped in to help her the manager did absolutely nothing while she literally was juggling 12 tables for a whole hr or morealone ! I heard her ask management if they could have the next person come in sooner to help her , he told her it was no pointbc someone was eventually coming in , The guys on the grill made my order wrong and had to remake it , so that was another 35min wait ! It was also other workers who were nowhere to be found while people were literally walking out bc the managersignored them and threw everything off on 1 person i watched it i felt so bad for her ! We tipped & i told her to apply somewhereelse ! Read more

Garrett Payne 1 year ago

First time eating here, staff was extremely polite and attentive. Food was great, will be back again.

Kristin 1 year ago

I am giving 4 stars because it is usually good. I want to point out that yesterday I picked up an order to go and on my 3rd bite... there was a big strain of hair in my food. I know it was not mine because I had my hair pulled up. This made me not be able toeat another bite. I am gagging now just thinking about it. Please make your wait staff and cooks wear their hair back. Gross! Read more

Houd Al-hashemi 1 year ago

I seriously don't know what happened to this restaurant. when it started it was amazing. suddenly the food quality went down the... hill. no flavor what so ever ???? despite all the sauces I had picked. do they even put the sauces or it gets thrown away. theworse part is the service. takes forever to get seated... forever to get your food. forever to cash out. and the worst part yourwaiter will be stand near you at the cook chatting and ignoring you. Read more

r conjoined 2 years ago

I don?t know where the good customer service and top notch service and food have gone?? Alright food have had better. Service... drags like the help does. A nice lady did tend to us and refilled our drinks. Thank you, sorry I didn?t get your name. Waited 30minutes to get our ticket from our waitress. She was busy yaking with another customer that obviously was waited on. I?m sorryyour prices are outrageously high for that kind of money we could have eaten at the King and I, Salt Grass or Olive Garden orTexas Roadhouse. If I ever go back it will be a long - long-long time. Read more

Isabel Tovar (Izzy) 3 years ago

It was something new to try and I was definitely impressed. The waitress gave wonderful service, and she made sure we knew what... appetizers and desserts to try. Overall I was at first nervous but then felt comfortable with what to do and how to order. Idefinitely would go here again for a date. Read more

Clay ?MeGGaWaTT9927? B 5 years ago

Food was disgusting! I love ghengis grill but this location serves me cold food and slimy noodles. Not to mention it was $20! It... was just me! I was not impressed and sad to say that I'll never come back to this location. Food is supposed to come outsteaming! Also I had 6 meatballs in my bowl, theres was 2 after and they were cold. I will not reccomend this place to anyone! Read more