Reviews for Rawtopia Living Cuisine and Beyond in Salt Lake City, UT

K. C. 1 year ago

Walked in and was immediately greeted by the most delicious aroma. Enjoyed a blueberry lavender lemonade while exploring the... menu. So many delicious options! I am not someone who eats strictly vegan or vegetarian, but there are many things that appealto me on this menu. I had the cauliflower delight and it was scrumptious! I will definitely be back and would highly recommendthis place to anyone who is human and loves food. Read more

Stefania Barr 1 year ago

New absolute favorite place!!! The menu is phenomenal. I’m always looking for great low carb options and there was an... abundance. Nothing bland, boring, or simple on this menu. Everything is made with love (as indicated on the menu!). Each flavorI tried was more impressive than the last. The baked mushrooms in particular are unbelievable. For entree I order the nutburger… fun, crunchable texture, flavors through the roof… and the side salad was enough to make me delighted with my meal.I will be back again and again. Read more

Ellen Morris 1 year ago

Rawtopia is an absolute gem in the salt lake area. As someone who loves flavorful foods with an eclectic vibe, this place was... right up my alley. I tried one of the special dishes and while I don’t remember the name, I can describe it. It had lentils, atahini dressing, salad, cucumber, some other grain, and loads of flavor!! It was so so delicious and refreshing!! Easily one ofmy favorite dishes I’ve had anywhere. I also sampled the Egousi and this was likewise a delicious and refreshingly flavorfuldish. The west African spices really came out in this dish. I liked to combine each part of the dish in one bite, so a bit ofgreens, grains, and stew. The service was great too and the complex is easy to park at. I’m eager to go back and try moredishes!! Read more

Zack Shapiro 2 years ago

Came here for a work lunch and was highly impressed!! When you enter the ambience is very calm and comforting. the workers are... all full of smiling faces and positive energy. all the food came out fresh and presentable. It was full of flavor, filling butnot heavy and delicious! one thing i like a lot about this restaurant ia all their food comes from local farmers. so when wesupport this restayrant we are also supportibf our local community. they cook everything with the energy of love flowingthrough the food and you can feel/taste it. i cant wait to bring my family here to enjoy the food, the fresh teas andrefreshing water. Read more

Pete Souvall 2 years ago

I really enjoyed my experience here. Rawtopia is focused on sustainability and health, but they don’t compromise on taste. I... visited the old location when the menu was fully raw and vegan. It was still delicious. But I love that it now includes optionslike wild fish and bison. I had the tacos and my mom had the Lebanese stew. You get a ton of food for the price, and it’sabsolutely delicious. I know it’s kind of cliche to talk about healthy food making you “feel good”, but I truly felt greateating at Rawtopia. I’m definitely going to visit again and order takeaway on the nights that I’m too lazy to cook. Read more

Karina Bertelli 2 years ago

Rawtopia is just like the name says: a utopia of raw food! We have been wanting to try this place for a little while now.... Service was great! The vibe and aesthetic is awesome in there. But, some of the food was just meh and for the price you don'tget a lot of food. I understand if you were buying meat because it can get expensive but this is all veggies so you would thinkthe price would be a little reasonable for the amount of food. The lentil soup was probably about 1 cup and the plate the put init was huge so you can see how little you are getting for $8 dollars. The sweet potato "fries" were kind of mushy and not fried.Our main entree which was the stir fry was really yummy so I'll give them that but again price gets a little steep if you wantto add extras. We are just a little disappointed because we have been looking forward to try this place out for a long time. Ihonestly think it's because of the location and the whole of healthy new age atmosphere they can charge more. AGAIN, our serverwas amazing!!! Read more

Hayden Peak 2 years ago

Absolutely love that they sprout so many of their seeds. I also love that they have warm soups and stews, as well as raw live... delicious food. And the wild salmon and healthy bison options are great additions to many of their dishes. Their desserts areall incredibly yummy. The only thing that would make it better is if they had some fermented foods. Read more

lizette roberson 2 years ago

The staff was welcoming and very pleasant. They offered great insight to the menu and checked on our needs often. The cocoa... and ginger drinks were delicious. The Lebanon sampler was excellent could have made a meal of it. My favorite entree was thestir fry which we ordered cooked, phenomenal tastes! Read more