Reviews for McDonald's in Minocqua, WI

Nate K 1 year ago

Neatest McDonalds I've ever been to. Nice on the inside too.

Penny Buck 1 year ago

Before covid hit, lobby was always dirty and they never get my order correct and I never order anything special just normal and... either don't get what I order or missing meat on sandwiches. Will never go to this place again. Read more

Joanne Holzer 1 year ago

We each had a quarter pounder with cheese. Each patty was burned. It tasted burned. Not very fresh or very hot. Fries were ok.... Not a good experience. Disappointed!! Read more

Jared Pequette 1 year ago

Went through the drive thru this afternoon to get some lunch and beverages for my pregnant fiancé, we come at least once a day... even if it?s for waters or fries but today was very upsetting. We got told by the girl in the second lane ?Oh no, not now? andnever said anything afterwards and rudely left us there unable to order. Very upsetting to be denied for wanting to order. Isn?tthat what you?re supposed to do is take orders? Read more

Karen Covert 1 year ago

Was there at about 8:15 on 8/5/22. I ordered the sausage mcmuffin with egg meal. The egg was literally full of pieces of egg... shell so not edible and had to be thrown away. I tried calling to give someone a heads up to assure this wouldn't happen toothers but no one ever answered the phone. I am very disappointed. If it had been just one small piece of shell I would haveoverlooked it. But after a few bites, I had nine pieces of shell, two of them large pieces. This should not be happening. Read more

Michael Strasser 1 year ago

You're playing the lottery at this location. You can either get very good food and great employees or you get the opposite. I... don't see much of the same faces working there every time I visit (about once a week). Read more

Amanda ?MukaBabyy? 1 year ago

Food was super sloppy. I ordered a big Mac which had hair in it. The fries also had hair in them. And I also found Plastic in my... food. So that's just a disturbing experience all in all. Waste of almost 10 bucks. Wouldn't recommend people to eat here unlessyou like hair in your food and plastic. Read more

Cheryl C 1 year ago

Last time we went there I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese and a small fry. What I got was a plain bun with 2 dry beef... patties on it. Nothing else. Oh, they didn't give me my fries either. Read more