Reviews for Starbucks in Mission, BC

Julie Frasier 1 year ago

The staff are so great here, love them all. Good location as well.

sydney maclean 1 year ago

Always love coming to this location. The workers here are always so happy and nice.

Jayeden Wetfeather 1 year ago

Usually good. Today coffee was like dish water...and no punch to it either. Took back and was redone....same as first. When you... pay prime $ for coffees and treats.....one would have to reconsider this store. In our one hour stay there, I would say 20% ofthe drinks from the inside were taken back for one reason or another. Read more

Lisa Jay 1 year ago

Good golly Miss Molly the staff here are national treasures because they are so nice!!! They totally made my day ???? This... location is stellar for when your on the way out going for a day/road trip due to the location. It?s great!!! Read more

Malayna Pitt 1 year ago

Came today (7/11/22) around 630pm. The two girls there were the sweetest. One of the girls names was Carly I saw from the name... tag and another who was working with her. Unfortunately didn?t get her name. But both of those girls need an award of some sortfor literally the best customer service. They made sure to be careful with making my drinks/food bc of an allergy and didn?tmind when I asked again to clarify it was safe. Both had great attitudes, perfect customer service, and made my experience wellworth my 45 min drive there. Although I live far, honestly, if I go driving out I?ll be sure to come back to this location aftermy experience today. Good on those girls! Read more

Megan Egan 1 year ago

Love this location! I stop on the way to work or home. They are always kind and happy. I usually get a cute message on the cup.... They always get my order right and if I ask for suggestions, they are always open and honest about it! Cant say how much I lovethis location! Read more

Shailey Burrus 2 years ago

The staff at this location are always so nice! Especially Suzanne. She made my day by chatting with me at the window for a... couple of minutes while I waited for my drink. She?s an incredible employee! Read more

John Savvas 2 years ago

This location is on my way home or on my way to work depending on the time of the day ???? but I just wanted to give em a... stellar review. Always friendly, quick & efficient. I enjoy the chats with all of them & appreciate the human touch the baristasat this location give. A few quick shouts outs to the male baristas, Dawson, Nick & Mitchell. The female ones are amazingtoo...but their names escape me at the moment ?????? Read more