Reviews for Pizza Shab Mississauga in Mississauga, ON

Saad Q 1 year ago

Probably one of the best deep dish halal pizza places in Mississauga. Light buttery pizza dough with ample toppings. Will... definitely be returning. Read more

Zanib Z 1 year ago

We got the pizza supreme, supreme fries and 1lb of wings. I really liked the wings they were massive and crispy. Maybe it?s my... own personal taste but I really didn?t like the deli chicken (bologne) in the sauce - there was way too much of it and it madethe entire pizza seem way too meaty. Personal preference but that being said, the deep dish was perfect, the dough was deliciousand crispy but still soft and the amount of cheese to toppings was great. I think next time I will try a regular deep dish pizzaand maybe not such a meat intense one. The fries were similar - good but alot of shredded deli chicken. But that?s what weordered so it makes sense that that?s what we got. Customer service was great, she made substitutions, and was very friendly.Despite it being busy (lots of take out orders) we got our food in 15 mins which is a reasonable wait time. I will come back totry a different deep dish, this place seems really popular and for good reason! Read more

Darren G 1 year ago

First Time Order - Ordered a Med Pizza July 1, 2022. Got short-changed and got less than 9" instead. On top of that, it was dry... and cold. In addition, ordered directly from their site and got door dash delivered it. Specially asked for it to be deliveredto my condo. Instead, they just put it on a chair in my lobby and marked it as delivered. Worst experience! Left a surveyresponse the same day and haven't received a response (5 days later) Won't be a returning customer. Response to Owner (July 6,2022): Hello, Thank you for responding. Appreciate, it. I did send you a follow-up email. 1. Yes, I got an 8.75" pizza vs a10". That 1.25? is a difference of about 30% difference in size. 60 Sq Inches vs 79 Sq Inches 2. I used the survey link thatwas provided by your store once the order was confirmed. It shows a door dash link. Looking forward to having thisresolved. Update: July 12, 2022?Emailed owner July 6, 2022. Owner advised they must have sent me a Small instead of Med. Onlyoffered me the same pizza and only if I picked it up. I wasn't even allowed to get it a few weeks later. I had to get soonerthan later. I proposed some options to give him the benefit of the doubt of an owner that cared and that was looking for a fairresolution. Asked about a partial refund at min due to the pizza size diff and the issue with the delivery. Asked about thesame pizza delivered with the right size, even though that would have been expected if I called back that night. Lastly, atleast one size up for me to go pick it up. 6 Days later and my reply got no response...that says enough. I will not bereturning Read more

Usama H 1 year ago

Love the pizza. Hot and fresh. Stuffed. Cheesy. Very filled can easily be for two people the small one I ordered Supreme. Get a... small dip with it. Got this yesterday after a long day of work. Shout out to front rep Puneet for being patient with me. Verypolite and professional. My first time there and he recommended me the Supreme Pizza. Looks as it good as it taste folks. Irecommened! Read more

Saba S 2 years ago

Ordered the deep dish and rolling pizza. It's not often that you walk into a new pizza place and are blown away. The pepperoni... sausages are the best that I've had! Highly recommend this place Read more

Nooruddin Khaja 2 years ago

Pizza well done, like the crust style, which is unique and soft, usually the crust is hard if it is thick. The garlic sauce is... very nice that comes with Pizza. Both the pizza were very tasty. Little pricy tough for large pizza. Read more

Taste Sauga 2 years ago

We got a deep dish pizza and a rolled pizza and was it ever delicious. The location was clean and the service was impeccable,... everyone was so nice. If you're looking for delicious deep dish pizza in Mississauga you should definitely check this placeout!! Read more

Miqsh Ak 2 years ago

Lovely host! Amazing pan style pizzas! Lots of toppings as well! The pizzas could use more kick in them even in their standard... offering without having to ask for it. Also the prices could be lowered for the pizza sizes to keep the. More attractive. Read more