Reviews for Saigon Avenue in Monrovia, CA

Joon K 1 year ago

Loved the pork Bahn mi here! Quite impressed because I've had my share of Bahn mis in my life. Their egg rolls were also superb!... The fresh cucumbers were a nice touch with the lettuce that came with the egg rolls. Their sauce are also very nicely balancedas some other place success sauce can get either too sweet or too vinegary. Their crispy tofu were fried perfectly as well butwere a bit bland for my taste. But the sauce was perfect! I've got to try their pho next! Their pieces are on the higher side asthey are located in downtown Monrovia. Read more

LaMarcus Culpepper 1 year ago

Not real vietnamese food.... Microwaved old meat that taste worse than any tv dinner I've ever had. . Staff is worthless. The... people saying this is authentic must work for the company. 0 stars, 1 is way too many. Read more

Rachel Rudeen 2 years ago

One of the best Phos I've ever had! The broth is deep, lots of flavor! Not just plain beef broth. The pork bahn mi sandwich is... simple but perfect. This place will definitely be a regular go to from now on Read more

Romelle Gavin 2 years ago

Food is pricey compared to other Vietnamese places I've been. Sandwich is definitely not worth $11. I can get a similar or... better sandwich for only $5. Just wanted to try this place to see if the sandwiches are better to justify the higher pricepoint. In addition, the fried pork chop was extremely overcooked (tough) or old. Although the service is good, the food (and theprices) is not worth returning to. Read more

Sheila A 3 years ago

**Edit: I got a call from the restaurant offering to remake the sandwich. While I appreciate the gesture, I didn’t take them... up on the offer. I ordered the sautéed tofu sandwich. I’m very familiar with Bahn Mi sandwiches. I’ve been to Vietnam.This sandwich was terrible! It was super soggy and unappetising. It’s supposed to be on a baguette. It was a basic roll andthe ingredients had it falling apart. I asked for it to be extra spicy. It wasn’t even a little bit spicy. For a $14 sandwichincluding tax and tip, I expected much more. Hugely disappointing. Read more

Rosa Sierra 5 years ago

This is one of the best beef noodle soups I’ve had in a long time. The broth is so flavorful. Definitely recommend. Be aware,... parking can be difficult to find. Read more

Steven Lockwood 5 years ago

Fantastic service and atmosphere. The food is awesome. They have 6-7 different spring rolls on the menu, really nice. We left... satisfied. Read more

Roy Dickinson 6 years ago

Tasty Vietnamese food. A cozy place (not huge). But that way one can focus on the food. Which is the reason to go back again &... again. Plenty of Meats, Vegetarian food and Great tasting Phó. Order up! You can also customize the sauce at the table. With alittle Sriracha (Hot sauce) for a little kick. Lol Read more