Reviews for Montecito Gourmet by Village Cheese & Wine in Montecito, CA

Larry Crandell Jr 1 year ago

Outstanding Cappacola Grúyéré sandwhich which dazzled Marta Turpin Princessa VBG ???? right there in the Upper Village East... Valley Road amigos-cítos ???????????????????? Read more

Kurt Miller 1 year ago

Great sandwiches, and great attitude by the helper who made our six sandwiches. However... order made online and by phone at... 10:50, with 11:05 as the promised pickup time. Am in a terrific time crunch getting ready for an event this afternoon. Haveto get to another pickup at noon in downtown Santa Barbara, after dropping sandwiches off back home. I'm 10 minute drive away.Gave them 10 extra minutes to assure quick pickup. Arrived 11:15 to see none of the sandwiches started, just bread laid out. Then the owner/manager, not sure which, is delivering a sandwich to a table outside... he's not working on our order, havingdelegated that to his employee. Just my order and the table of 2 outside at this point. Then he delivers a second sandwich tothe outside table. Then another guy arrives, orders a bunch of bagle somethings, and the owner/manager is working on the neworder, not helping his employee with my order now going on 15 minutes late. Then the owner delivers a third sandwich, to go,to the table of 2, still not helping his employee with my prior order. Next, the owner finishes working on the bagle order,hands it to the fellow, and out he walks with his order, made after I had arrived to pick up mine. In the meantime, my orderis still not completed, and he's not helping his poor employee who knows the order is 25 minutes late and is feelingstress. Like I said, great sandwiches, terrible decision making by the owner/manager (not sure which) to work on other ordersthat came in after mine, and deliver those orders, while I'm standing around for 15 minutes, 25 minutes after the promisedpickup time, wondering if I now have time to deliver the sandwiches and get to downtown Santa Barbara by noon.. Read more

Steve Hinan 2 years ago

The food, coffee and wine are great and Montecito Gourmet helps support the local community, I highly recommend. Check out the... thank you love from Fire Departments, first responders and the community to the Montecito Gourmet in the back of the shop. Read more

Raquel Hecht 2 years ago

Great place! The party platter we ordered was filled with delicious cheeses, meats, olives, fruits etc and we enjoyed every... bite! The owner was fun and gave us some treats to sample while he was putting together the platter. Great place to get aperfect party platter! Read more

Shavit Rootman 2 years ago

Patrick was absolutely incredible, and the food and coffee were above and beyond. In addition to that, the place itself has the... most inspiring story - highly recommended to come and hear the story, enioy the fresh coffee, and last but not least -unparalleled sandwiches (with mind boggling selection of cheese and meats). Read more

Stan 3 years ago

We stopped by this place as a quick detour on a road trip. Wow, it was definitely worth it! Small town delis are amazing but... this place tries to make it to a new level. The owner, Patrick, is fantastic and involved in the community. The meats aredelicious and the coffee is great. Talk with the guys who are working to see if they can give you some meat samples to home inon what you want. 100% recommended stop. Read more

Mary Stark 4 years ago

Delicious iced coffee with pork & gruyere cheese in a butter lettuce wrap! All freshly made in beautifully decorated... surroundings by Patrick, the proprietor. I saw another sandwich freshly made that reminded of New York deli sizing. Coldbeverages, breakfast sandwiches & toasts, wine, coffee and various deli cheeses/meats also available. I will definitely be back. Read more

Nick Keating 4 years ago

Enjoy the Johnny Special today prepared by Patrick and company. They're very welcoming I felt like I was hanging out with... friends. The sandwich was prepared fresh whole I waited, which didn't take long. The sandwich itself was a mix a differentmeats, veggies and cheese, very hearty. A truly unique sandwich, very tasty! Of course you can get your own combinations there.But I opted to have them select the sandwich for me and I was not disappointed with selection. It's truly a world-classsandwich people should come from all over just to try it! I'm glad I decided to stop in and try them out, it will definitely notbe my last time there. Read more