Reviews for Subway in Monticello, UT

Shawn Albrandt 1 year ago

Horrible place to go. Wife has been fighting stage 4 breast cancer for 5 years. The employee made fun of how she didn?t look... like a woman when wife went to bathroom. If you have cancer or going somewhere with someone and you want to be humiliated gohere. It?s disgusting to make fun of someone who?s been fighting for her life because she don?t have breast and hair. 11/18/2022. Aprox 5:30 pm. Read more

Amazing Papa 1 year ago

Quick friendly service with the food you expect

Holly Walker 2 years ago

Sandwich artists were super friendly and helpful. There are no gluten free bread options but they do have salads & protein bowls... and when told of gluten sensitivity quickly changed gloves & wiped counter off again with a clean cloth. (So appreciated!)Subway is not a good idea for anyone with a full allergy due to cross contamination but my daughter did not have a reactionafter their precautions and ordering a protein bowl. Read more

Wild Wolf 2 years ago

I went to the Monticello Subway and I was very disappointed. The orders of my husband and I were both wrong. I had ordered sauce... to be put on my chicken and bacon but instead she had put it on the cheese to where it was not on the meat. When I asked for itto be toasted, the sandwich was nowhere near toasted enough for both of us. The bread was lightly warm and the insides werestill cold. Also, the employees were moving at a snails pace. The lady doing our meat acted as if she was stoned. The lady doingthe veggies was moving just as slow. And there was a third lady doing nothing but standing around. Our food took a long time tobe made from start to finish with their pace. Not to mention, the cleanliness was lacking. Their work space had food mixed inother containers where it did not belong. The cross-contamination factor was disturbing. Granted the lady that wrapped oursandwiches was new, the wrapping was botched. I have gone to other Subway's and they move at a reasonable pace and our food ismade correctly and thoroughly, and their cleanliness is acceptable. Me and my husband did not experience that at this Subway. Ido not recommend going to this Subway if you would like a good experience. Read more

Jesse Deal 3 years ago

Wasnt impressed with the crew working. Was two girls one seemed new. They were friendly to the guys ahead of my wife but were... kinda rude to my wife and daughter and had to remake one of our sandwiches. Read more

Raquel Schamp 3 years ago

I am very disappointed in the service i got at the Monticello Subway yesterday. I went in and got my son a kids meal which stays... on the board is 4.75. I was charged 5.39 for the sandwich, 1.60 for the toy, 1.50 for the apple sauce, and 1.20 for the Juicebox. Can you tell me why my sons kids meal that was supposed to be 4.75 turned out to be more than my footlong? I even askedthe lady why it was charging me to much and she told me that is just the way it rings up. needless to say we will not be goingback. Read more

Jan Agardy 5 years ago

While this Subway is part of some businesses located in a gas station the attention detail has not been comprised, the... ingredients were fresh, the bread was still warm from the oven. Loved my sandwich. Read more

S M 5 years ago

Great service. Bread was a little dry, but the meat, cheese and veggies were good. The sign could use a light on it, we were... using GPS and still drove right past it. It's in the Conoco gas station, who's sign has a light-but Subway just has a dark sign,so we did not know it was in there and had to turn around to find it. Read more