Reviews for Cyprus Grill in Mosinee, WI

Skyler Stenseth 1 year ago

Came here right before they closed ended up getting the Island Burger and Spouse got Deluxe I was absolutely stunned how amazing... a small town restaurant could make such delicious food 10-10 Totally recommend for someone that does tons of google reviewseverywhere this had to be my favorite place to go! Read more

Brian Grosskreutz 1 year ago

Why did I wait a year after moving before coming here?! Zero complaints about anything. Fantastic food, prices and quantity.

Martyindisguise 1 year ago

The food taste amazing! Friendly service and clean restaurant. Definitely will be returning.

Flame 1 year ago

Authentic Greek the best. I've been enjoying their family restaurant for 30 years. Rib mountain is her parents rest. Both a... must. Greek fries are to die for. Read more

Drew Pritchard 1 year ago

Wow! Not only was the gyro absolutely delicious but they had the best French fries I've ever had! I've driven by this place... 100 times and finally stopped today, that was my mistake, I should've stopped the first time!! Read more

Lu Cidd 1 year ago

The food is great customer service is awesome they just recently put a Chicago-style hot dog on their menu which is delicious.

Christa Thompson 2 years ago

Very yummy overall. We tried 4 different gyros (no sides) just to feel out the main options. We absolutely loved the bbq beef... and the buffalo chicken! Top notch flavor! I do feel that the original gyro feel a bit flat. While everything in it was freshthe sauce left more to be desired. I wanted far more cucumber and garlic flavor. It could have been kicked up quite a bit.However, they all were super large, very filling, and absolutely priced right. Try them out!!!! Read more

Derek Matuszewski 3 years ago

Amazing food, reasonably priced, fast and friendly service. Burgers, fries, and gyros all very good. Highly recommend!