Reviews for Milio's Sandwiches in Mt Horeb, WI

Toni Ramirez 1 year ago

Kysa, the store manager, is always quick and efficient. Love the freshness of all the food and ingredients.

Stephen Noe 1 year ago

Out of bread. Order placed in the app was lost and the store didn't make it until showing up.

Tara Grant 2 years ago

We moved here about 3 years ago and we loved coming here. However, in the last 6 months or so this location has drastically... plunged into a hole of ridiculousness. Even after wrong orders, rude attitudes, flat soda and forgetting sides we have stilltried to give them the benefit of the doubt. After tonight, we're done. Our dinner, once again was ruined and, as usual, callinganyone at this location is useless. One of our subs was a number 12 without sprouts. What we received, for the umpteenth time isa sad little sub with barely any meat or veggies and MAYBE a half a TSP of guacamole and no mayo. We also ordered a tuna saladsub and wouldn't ya know...there is literally NO tuna on the sub. Why does every other location put a generous amount of tunasalad on their subs but not this one?! Bread and lettuce and tomato is all you get with MAYBE a tablespoon of tuna. So sick ofnot getting what we pay for! BUYER BEWARE...you'll order what you want, but pay for whatever they decide to give you!! Read more

B1GTR3AV 2 years ago

Delivering drinks, both with no carbonation, then when I call they say they know about it. So why are you not telling customers... that? Wrong orders, and numerous occasions where items are missing. As well as having my orders for almost a week straight goingto my neighbor, whom was then bringing it up to me. Didn't find out until the 5th time it happened, she brought it to myattention. I literally put in the delivery notes exactly where my door is. I've even found plastic or debris of some sort twicenow in my drinks. You guys might have just beat McDonalds for worst in town. And no, I won't take the time to fill out yourautomated bot's survey. Read more

Mary Murphy 2 years ago

We've consistently had problems with them, from missing drinks to mixed-up sandwiches or absent toppings. I was willing to... forgive them the hassles because my kids like the sandwiches (and it's hard to find things they'll eat) but today is the laststraw. I ordered online and paid for my order in full. Realized a sandwich was missing AGAIN when we got home, and theyclaimed- despite a receipt and a pending charge on my card- that it wasn't in the system and hadn't been paid for. Not a fan ofbeing made to pay TWICE to get the thing I should have had in the first place. To add insult to injury, my husband's cubansandwich didn't have mustard. Not going back. Edit: I've been contacted by the owner and got a full refund for thisexperience. I appreciate the willingness to make it right. Read more

Grimmboy 13 3 years ago

I actually worked here for a couple weeks, actual supervisors are non-existent, management hasn't read the first page of the... handbook, the store behind the counter is disgusting, for some reason it takes an hour to place capicola, mayonnaise and lettuceon two sandwiches, someone spit in my d*mn sandwich and I (the customer) got reprimanded for complaining that my two sandwicheswere an hour late. Don't recommend going here. Ever. P.S. to the owner, I could do your job better. Read more

Brandon Maury 3 years ago

These guys are quick and accurate. I want to take 1 star off due to the wacky drive thru but I won?t because they always have... good attitudes here and get me the food and on my way. Read more

Tonya 4 years ago

Ordered 2 subs and both were made incorrectly and missing ingredients. When I called back (I was super polite, I wasn?t being a... Karen about it cause hey, they?re busy, people make mistakes, it happens). I was told they would remake the subs and send themout again. About 20 minutes later they delivered the missing ingredients wrapped in paper which was leaking. I was also given acoupon for one free sandwich. So not only were both the subs made incorrectly but we were reimbursed for only one sandwich. Iwas told the sandwiches would just be remade and I was happy to return the other two. Over an hour later when I actually triedeating the sandwich the bread had gotten soggy and I just threw it away. Pretty disappointed as they didn?t do what they saidthey would and we were reimbursed for only half our order. I didn?t bother calling back a third time, who knows what I would?vegotten! Won?t be ordering from there again. Read more