Reviews for Joey Tomatoes Deli & Market in Mt Pleasant, SC

Joshua Bannon 1 year ago

Man i hate to say this, and it is so unfortunate, but the overall value and service at Joeys has gone down tremendously. I used... to go every friday and get lunch here and it was so good for so many years, then started to have issues with my orders andstopped going in for a while. I came in the other day to get a large #10 which is what i usually get and it came out to $17without tip and it was missing ingredients. I have come to the conclusion that you absolutely CANNOT leave the restaurantbefore checking all of your sandwiches because there is a 90% chance they have made something wrong. They have a really badhabit of taking off extra ingredients when you ask to modify anything. I asked for no tomato and received no tomato, no cheese. Never asked for no cheese. Several of my co-workers wont go back in due to continued mistakes. I have made the mistake ofleaving and going back to the office to eat only to realize my sandwich is missing 2 ingredients. It is super frustrating asthis place used to be such a great lunch spot. I now drive by during lunch and see empty parking lots most of the time. Service and attentiveness have gone down tremendously and its truly sad to see. Also, $17 for a lunch sandwich that isntoverflowing with Roast Beef, had two slices of cheese(i had to go back in and get), wilted mixed greens, and mayo and onions onthe side? Seems like highway robbery. I wont be going back again, its simply not worth it Read more

J M 1 year ago

Incredible food with great staff. The pork roll egg and cheese were just like my homework in NJ. Definitely recommend everyone... to try it when they are here. The 2 people there were very kind and 100% having me come here for breakfast for everytime I am inCharleston!! Read more

Superpowerthinking com 1 year ago

Very delicious sandwich. The Joey Tomato?s brand is the best!

Rob Salyer 1 year ago

We ordered takeout to enjoy on the beach but were sadly disappointed. I ordered a sandwich and paid extra for extra meat and... received a sandwich that had very little meat on it at all, certainly not double and none of the other condiments were on it.Literally just meat and cheese. Very dry. I will say that the meat was of good quality, just a pitiful portion. One should notbe hungry after eating a $15 sandwich! I'll also point out that I messaged the establishment via Facebook and waited almost twoweeks with no response before posting this review. I tried to be diplomatic about it! Read more

Caroline Lynch 1 year ago

I?ve eaten here a few time and it?s been pretty decent. Like no major complaints. I ordered fries this time. The item is... literally called ?crispy waffle fries?. Some of them weren?t cooked. They had none of the promised seasoning (salt, parm) andwere not even remotely crispy. As I said hardly even cooked. Kinda lame Read more

Evan McFadden 1 year ago

I have loved this place since we moved here 5 years ago. It pains me to write this but this is the third sandwich I have paid... $15 for and it looks like this. No substance and missing 2 of the 4 ingredients. Read more

Sarah Goodman 1 year ago

Phenomenal sandwiches on crusty Italian bread. Loved it! The prosciutto with fresh mozzarella, balsamic and EVOO was amazing!... Will definitely be back. Buon appetito! Read more

Crystal Muir 2 years ago

So delicious! Sandwiches are fantastic and my husband really enjoyed the chicken noodle soup. He said it was homemade and very... flavorful. Service was friendly too. Read more