Reviews for Denny's in Mt Vernon, IL

Eric Ernst 1 year ago

To start, I'd give it 0 stars if I could. One day, I show up and see that the 24 hour location is closed. Perfect. I guess I'll... eat a roller fog from the attached gas station. The next day, I order my usual lumberjack. Eggs over easy, wheat toast. The meatwas ok. Not great, but edible. The egg whites were still clear jelly on my plate. So I ate around them. The wheat toast was anew 7 grain whole wheat toast that my waitress failed to mention was different than regular wheat bread. So I moved on to thepancakes. I cut into them and the insides were still liquid pancake batter. As far as the toast goes, I'd had regular wheattoast here just 4 days earlier. I'm not eating raw eggs and raw pancakes. The waitress was very inattentive. My glass sat emptyfor several minutes until my food arrived. Go somewhere else. Anywhere else. I've eaten here 3 times in the last 2 weeks andthis was the final time. They got progressively worse. The first time, I had a coworker join me. He didn't like his meal thefirst time.. so I ate alone the second time.. it was bad the second time but I figured it was a fluke. . I was very wrong. Iguess it's 5 hour old roller dogs from the gas station for me in the future. A much better option than eating in this Denny'srestaurant. Read more

Jessica Kinsey 1 year ago

Firsly, the waitress was really nice, and the scrambled eggs and french toast were amazing. Now, the reason for 2 stars. The... bacon, sausage, and turkey bacon were dry, shriveled, and/or burnt. (Pictures included.) I sent the bacon and sausage back forturkey bacon, because how can you mess up on turkey bacon. (Turkey bacon is also safer when undercooked. Just in case...) Theturkey bacon was burnt and charred. I never send things back to the cook more than once, and I will ask for a refund or discountfor the bad items instead. (Don't need part of the cook in my food.) The best that the manager offered was 10. I declined as Ihad the intentions of leaving a bad review if all they could do was 10%, because the meat was about 30% of the meal. (I alsodidn't eat them.) This restaurant has room for improvement, and beware of the 24-hour hours of service. As I was finishing, theywere turning down customers to close. Read more

David Fendley 1 year ago

Great place. The Bennys southwestern breakfast is really good. Friendly fast service. Deliscious all around. Thats Denny's..

Katlynn Ridenour 1 year ago

We came in on a Saturday morning so they were definitely busy, but we were seated right away. The food was hot and delicious.... Our waitress, Pam, did an excellent job catering to our requests and making sure we had everything we needed. Excellent food andcustomer service was provided! Read more

danielle mullins 1 year ago

we came in yesterday evening and our waitress, chanelle, was one of the best we have ever had. she was very attentive and kind,... got our orders in and out quickly, and was very nice about our toddler making a bit of a mess, extremely kid friendly. bestservice we have ever had at this establishment. Read more

Trey Williams 1 year ago

Great food, great service all around great experience. The store was very clean and presentable. Staff was very knowledgeable... and eager to help! The food was some of the best Denny's my family and I have had in quite some time! Thanks to the staff atthis location, as well as the management! Read more

kellen cao 1 year ago

My first experience with Denny?s was over five years ago. It was less than pleasing and frankly over priced. Having revisited... this location on a whim, passing through town towards Texas, my perspective on Dennison?s food has shifted. Perhaps I was tooquick to judge. Although it is next to a truck stop, all the better, because it welcomes all walks of life through its pearlygates. Inside, the wooden 90s diner aesthetic is sure to please the fashion-interested. Even though my party of 11 (extendedfamily and friends) walked in at 10 pm, they had us promptly seated together and orders taken. The food was hot and extremelytasty (I ordered the slam burger with seasoned fries, as well as a mango smoothie.) I have never cried eating a burger untiltoday. Perhaps the stress of the day among jet lag from travel had brought me down, but this burger lifted me up higher thanI?ve ever been (in a non-cannabis sense). Thank you, Dennison. I appreciate you and your 24 hour service Read more

Dudderz 2 years ago

Great service, nice people and good food.. the cook who was working while i was there is awesome...????????????????????