Reviews for The Coffee Belt in Muscatine, IA

Nelson Palacios 1 year ago

Honestly, this place is amazing. Not just for coffee but also teas, and hot chocolates of all kinds. You like boba? This place... has that too!! Warm friendly environment with a cool vibe to it. Great for all ages as well. Read more

Jennifer Bermel 1 year ago

The Coffee Belt has been setting up shop at our headquarters building while our break room gets a makeover. We absolutely enjoy... the fresh coffees, teas and scones they have been providing! If you haven?t been to the Coffee Belt yet, don?t wait, they arewonderful and have absolutely fantastic employees! Read more

b flick 1 year ago

Delicious coffee drinks and friendly, fast service! The Horchata Latte is magnificent!

Jessica Bunn 1 year ago

We absolutely love Coffee Belt! Extremely friendly service and great tasting drinks every time!

Chris Bierman 1 year ago

First time in this establishment. I had a young lady waiting on a Sue was very pleasant. But, one of her friends came in and she... stopped what she was doing and made her drink before everybody else has. So, it took us a while longer to get our drink than itreally should have. And even then it was kind of slow. Will consider changing my ranking after I return again. Everybodydeserves a second chance. Returned, much better this time. Read more

Ana 1 year ago

Great locally owned coffee shop. Their seasonal menu offers something for everyone and they have a variety of sugar free... flavors. They offer delivery which is great and placing a large group order via phone is super easy. Read more

Duane Land 2 years ago

The employees there are friendly and conscientious about your order. Which they make quickly and correctly. A few men gather... there for our Christian Men's Group, it is very welcoming there that it can be held there. Sometimes we are allowed to useGuadalajara to meet in. Read more

Martin Armstrong 5 years ago

This place was very fun looking from the outside and in very well decorated. I really like the Cozy couches in the front and... there was even a nice sitting area in the back probably for the evening too much sun while we were there. The coffee was decentnothing to write home about but the service was pretty terrible. They were two young girls maybe teenagers behind the counter.They were inattentive after we ordered. We ordered two coffees given to us promptly we asked for space for cream and sugar andthere really wasn't that much room. We also ordered 2 pastries one they were Heating the other they left in plastic. We went andsat down after putting cream and sugar in and realize we had to go back and get our pastries because they weren't going to bringthem to us. I guess because they were to busy taking to each other. I may have just had a bad experience or servers but I feellike somebody needs to retrain these girls how to greet and treat customers. Read more