Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Muskogee, OK

Kay Cutler 1 year ago

This is the Muskogee location. They were having computer issues so order was taken by the carhop. It took a little longer & when... it arrived there was only 2 napkins so I asked for some more. Chili dogs can be messy. Lady never came back.. After waitinganother 5 minutes we left. Thankfully we had kleenex. Wouldn't recommend due to poor customer service. Read more

Robert Dhal 1 year ago

1/2 price drinks rock. Food has always been fresh and hot. Service is friendly and quick.

Halle Grace 1 year ago

Went here tonight and service was horrible. workers seemed to be playing around instead of getting orders out. We never got the... right things , was very rude and we won?t be back Read more

kituwahband 1 year ago

Eh...a lot of times we come through, the fries aren't fresh and the burgers are greasy, and sometimes it's the opposite which is... very enjoyable. We came through today, we had greasy burgers and unfresh fries. However I will say the staff is alwaysfriendly and polite. Read more

Krissa Kay 1 year ago

We had several other people come and leave before we got are order. An all I ordered was 3 drinks and a hot fudge sundae

Lori Overholser 1 year ago

When Carol is working things run smoothly. There are a few ladies on day shift that are awesome. But the night crew is about... worthless. Ordered 2 ice waters Monday night and it wasn't busy by any means waited 15 minutes for the drive thru to get mydrinks and all they were doing is standing around talking to each other. A girl got my drinks done sat them there and walkedaway to finish talking to the guys there. Corporate needs to come in on evening shift make a surprise visit and see how thingsare done . Read more

Rachael Cooper 1 year ago

Gonna give a one to this sonic. I ordered on my phone and it took over 20 mins to get my 2 drinks and 2 fries. Then Even though... the pickle fries come with ranch, I even added two tubs to my order, and still didn't get ranch. My drinks were also supposed tobe easy ice and neither one is. Read more

D. Uggla 2 years ago

A car hop fast food chain that has in my opinion, no problem, shortage, issues direct or indirect Sonic in Okmulgee continues... providing excellent service, providing higher quality product that's fresh and so cleen. Best choice of options off the menu forcustomers. Read more