Reviews for Sonic Drive-In in Muskogee, OK

Arial Obregon 1 year ago

Seeing all the previous reviews I'm wondering when something will be done about this Sonic. Sitting in the drive thru right now... and it's already been 20 minutes of waiting. NO idea why. 1 car in front of me and maybe 1 in the stalls. The laziness at thissonic astounds me. I wouldnt even waste my time if other restaurants were open later. Why isn't management doing something aboutthis?!?!?! Update. No surprise I got my food and it was cold. Read more

Ashley Hunter 1 year ago

Have definitely experienced worse elsewhere - wasn't too bad. They were packed so employee tempers were short. Overall though,... not bad Read more

Carolyn Lopez 1 year ago

It took 40 minutes to get our order while we watched 4 people walking around in the drive through area doing nothing but... checking the drinks that had been sitting there the whole time. When we asked for a discount it was refused .We will NOT be going there again. Read more

Juan Ortiz 1 year ago

I sat here for an hour waiting on 2 large Cokes. There wasn't a huge number of vehicles but vehicles that were there, have been... here for as long if not longer than I have. I did however have an employee ask me if I ordered some mozzarella sticks (I didnot). Hopefully, they found the owner. Read more

Josiah Piela 1 year ago

I can't go here without my order being messed up or waiting a very long time to order, and even both most times. This location... has terrible management and refuses to help customers in a timely fashion. I spent 5 minutes waiting at a stall just to order 2mini sonic blasts. Not to mention the time it took them to prepare and bring them out another 10 minute wait. Something reallyshould be done about this. I worked here as a teenager and I made sure the services were excellent. The drive of this locationis no longer in existence. Needless to say I will no longer come to this location. Read more

Gabe Tillotson 1 year ago

I travel for work. So I'm used to quick food fare. But Jesus christ. Most of the screens don't work here so forget about using... the app. I ordered a number 12. Got a number 1. Literally the only thing they got right in my order was the drink. And afterwaiting over 30 minutes for the wrong order I took it because I didn't have time to wait for the right stuff. I'd recommend ifyou want sonic in Muskogee. Go to the other location. This one clearly isn't being taken care. Read more

Rachael Cooper 1 year ago

Took FOREVER To get my food and again my tea was nasty. It always is. I did get a free burger from the app which was cool af... though. Read more

Holly Faye 2 years ago

The slowest Sonic I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot! I usually order ahead on the app. Most of the time I drive around... in a futile attempt to find a monitor that's working so that I can put my stall number in the app to check in. Then once yourscreen says that your order is being brought out to you, you almost always wait an additional 15 minutes or they forget to bringit to you entirely. At which point you have to press the intercom button to let them know. When that happens 5/10 times they aresnippy about it. The food is good. There are a few super friendly car hops, but I often will drive to the other side of town touse their Sonic instead. Read more