Reviews for Tim Hortons in Napanee, ON

Susan Corbett 1 year ago

Stopped by the drive-thru to pick up lunch. Debit/credit wasn't working but I had cash with me, so no problem but couldn't... collect my points. Ordered the Chicken Cilantro Lime bowl (one of my favorites) and took back to the office to eat. 3/4 of thelettuce was significantly past the edible stage and had to be thrown out. Not worth the $8.99 + tax! Does the staff not look atwhat they're serving?? Read more

jacquie smith 1 year ago

Feel for the staff. Having to do more than 1 job. 1 cashier and it was empty a lot. Rude people behind us ordered on line so... they could be ahead of us causing us to wait longer. Who says this is is customer service. Read more

Kat Tremblay 1 year ago

Super long wait for a mobile order. Food was ready long before our coffees were and then we were told the drinks didn't show up... in the system but that's confusing cuz our food order did? Then when I got our drinks, they jipped me and gave me a smallinstead of a medium which is what was ordered. My 2nd time into this location, and they messed up our order on my previous visitas well. Don't think I'll go back at this point. Read more

Laura Brescia 1 year ago

Ordered the habanero chicken bowl and everything seemed old except the cucumber and tomatoes. I’m from Kingston and everything... in that bowl is delicious there. Even the tomatoes, cucumbers and chicken are cut into bite size pieces unlike this location.Won’t come back here Read more

Cheap Street Gallery 1 year ago

Despite the number of staff working, we waited for 10+ minutes (and we were 2nd in line) before we were finally served. I asked... for a regular or plain cappuccino with no sugar and noticed the cashier rang in a French vanilla cappuccino. So, I asked heragain, "Do you have a regular cappuccino with no sugar added?" "Oh, uh no," she said. Who hires these young people? Virtually nocustomer-service acumen and little to no energy to engage customers. "Ho-hum" culture, I guess! No wonder I'm not even anoccasional customer... Same slow service and dirty tables as last year. Shame. Read more

Kit Kat 1 year ago

Granted I visited during the long weekend so I anticipated longer line ups. However, looking at reviews, it seems to be a... recurring problem of slow service. There seemed to be plenty of staff working but they seemed disorganized. I left when no onewas taking orders and line up kept getting longer out the door. Went across the street to McDonald’s where it was busy but atleast they seemed more organized, kept things moving and processed orders quickly. They seem to have better management and stafftraining. Read more

Claire S 1 year ago

Ordered BLT. No tomato on it when I got it. Their response “oh, they didn’t tell you? We are out of tomatoes”. 11:45am. No... refund offered. Waited 20 min in a short line inside to be served. No toilet paper in the dirty washroom. Worse than apoorly-serviced gas station. Staff seemed friendly enough. Been to this location twice over the years and remembered why Iwill never return to it. Go to another location. Read more

Amy-Jo Allen 1 year ago

This store has the worst listening skills in their drive thru. My order is NEVER right and I am sick of it. Good ridden Tim... Hortons, I am sick of spending my hard earned money on wrong orders. Maybe if they stopped clowning around inside and gossipingabout other staff and did their jobs, things would be different! Yes, I am aware as I worked there and so did my son! Read more