Reviews for McDonald's in Natchez, MS

James Dixon 1 year ago

The service is some what pretty good the inside was pretty clean and the workers were very friendly

Linda Darnella Smith 1 year ago

Place is very clean and the service is good! Love the ????!!!

Krystal Birdon 1 year ago

I would have loved to give this a 5 because for the past several months ,when I go to this store my food is always fresh. The... past 2 times which was a few days ago the have been giving me old fries. So I would ask for fresh fries, they would pull me upthen bring me fries from the same batch making me have to ask for my money back and I really don't like doing that. The customerservice is great depending on what time you go but their management is rude and sucks. Read more

M Miller 2 years ago

They made me order at the kiosk, the shift leader was thw one who waited on me which made it worst she looked at me as if I did... something wrong about my coffee order. I know we get busy sometimes but take a deep breath, take your time and hire more peopleMcDonalds. Or do like others. Close the lobby Read more

Chance Earnest 2 years ago

Slow service, food was hot, could use a bit of cleaning inside

Nick Bibbee 2 years ago

Was a very fast experience at this fast food spot, something more uncommon now. Food was correct and the drive thru line moved... very fast. Read more

GlamBeauty 2 years ago

I was purchasing a sundae through the drive through and the employee was very nasty and rude concerning add caramel to my sundae... on night shift she told us it would be 60 extra cents and she took extremely long to fix it and when she was bringing it towardsthe driver window she started cursing out loud about her correcting our order Read more

Pete alonzo Green 3 years ago

It feel good being in McDonald's being able to go in to enjoy the snelling food cooking strawberry cream pie the good chocolate... milkshake with whipped cream on top and the kids Happy meal it was the greatest fans as always we all had a wonderful time thereand we hope you go out and enjoy the same thing that we had there too as well have a nice day at McDonald's oh and we did too???????????????? Read more