Reviews for Pizza Hut in Natchez, MS

Mandy Halford 1 year ago

Update: A couple of hours after posting original review. I tried one more time with the store management. I'm going from 1 to 3... only because of how nice, helpful, and sincere Miss. Rebecca and Mrs. Sarah were. Miss Rebecca tried from day one. Mrs. Sarahtreated me with common sense, sincerity and worked instant magic to have my refund coming back to me soon, along with a creditfor the 13 days of confusion. Those two deserve a raise, recognition, something. Thank you ladies. (Old) From location managersto customer service for the coperate office. I have been going in circles with Pizza Hut for 13 days now. All because they Oweme $19.35 but refuse to figure out how to put the money back on my debit. I don't know what else to do besides start leaving 1star reviews every day until the matter is settled. I am Appalled by CS offering me a "free pizza code" in place of giving me mymeasley $19.35 back. That's not a free pizza if I'm Not getting my refund. I'm just flabbergasted over this whole ordeal. Pleasegive me my refund. Read more

Trey Wallace 2 years ago

TWICE! in a month my take out order has no sauce. I ordered the dinner box and got no red sauce and no icing dipping sauce. This... seems to have become a pattern. I guess I will have to check my order like a hawk from now on or take my business elsewhere Read more

Emily C. 2 years ago

I'm giving this pizza hut 5 stars just for Ms. Stacy. She was the best. She was running the entire store BY HERSELF and still... getting stuff done. She waited on me and my family, and another set of people, the drive thru, call ins and online orders. Iwould rate it lower just to get it some attention so she can get some help but she was so phenomenal I can't do it. If shes notthe owner (which imo she should be since she seems to be the only one willing to work like she owns it) Whoever reads these,please for the love of God get that woman some help!! Before you loose the best employee you got! Read more

Mrs. T.C. 2 years ago

Best cinnabons ever, cooked just right! Pizza was perfect as well. However, food was not ready on time, had to wait an extra... 10-15 minutes. Read more

Kim Emfinger 2 years ago

The crust was hard . The cheese sticks were a hard I was unable to cut them with a knife. I normally go to the other Pizza Hut... in town because they are so much better. I had to use this one because the other did not open until 12:00. I will NOT use thisparticular Pizza Hut again Read more

Tess Marie 2 years ago

I order it at 1:03pm for delivery. I never received it. I had to call 4 times and it rang for 5 mins each time. At this time it... was 3:00 pm. After they answered they said they were not delivering today and it would be carry out. I was covered in paint andhad all kinds of projects going that there was no way I could leave. That?s the reason why I chose delivery. They just wasn?tgoing to tell me. Well I never got the pizza. It was ice cold and hard as a brick. Worst service ever. Read more

Destiny McCann 4 years ago

Waited over an hour for delivery right across the hwy and when we called to inquire the lady said no one would answer the door... or phone when they tried to deliver. 10 min later the delivery guy showed up and said he had no idea this place was here...ummmDays Inn is directly across from there. The photo is taken from our hotel door. Read more

Sabrina Robertson 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure the sauce is supposed to go on before the cheese, not swirled on top like an afterthought (which is what... happened with our BBQ grilled chicken jalapeno pizza.) Otherwise, delicious. Read more