Reviews for Spring Garden Cafe in Nebraska City, NE

Richard Martel 1 year ago

Decided to try this place for the first time. Originally thought this would be just another over priced, hole in the wall... diner. I could not have been more wrong. The food was cooked well and the portion sizes were very good and at reasonable pricepoints. The place looks clean for a diner and I like the visible kitchen concept. We were very pleased with the food andservice and will say that this place is definitly worth the 30 minute drive for us to get here compared to what is offered inour local town. Read more

Jeff Morales 1 year ago

It started off great. We walked in and immediately got that everyone knows everyone feeling. To me that's pretty good because... you get that vibe that those that are in there frequent the restaurant. After sitting down is when it went downhill. One personworking the floor with only seven customers seated three of them already had their food. That number did not include us which isplus four. Took a little bit to get our order but that's fine. Once the order was placed we never got silverware. My wife has agluten allergy so we ordered a cheeseburger with no bun. It was supposed to come with lettuce tomato onions and of course thecheese. My aunt ordered a chef salad, my daughter ordered the cowboy Burger and I ordered an omelette with rye toast.Approximately 25 minutes later my daughter gets her Burger perfectly cooked with fries on the side. I get my omelette perfectlycooked no toast. My wife gets her side salad and a small plate with a burger patty on it. No lettuce tomatoes onions or cheese,just a patty. My aunt hasn't gotten her salad yet. Meanwhile we still have no silverware we requested for the third timesilverware. While still waiting, my wife proceeds to eat her salad by dipping the lettuce in the dressing piece by piece. Istill haven't gotten my toast and my aunt still hasn't gotten her salad. My aunt was a very patient lady calls the young manover holds the plate up with the meat Patty in it and proceeds to tell the young man what the burger was missing what the statuswas of her chef salad and for the fourth time utensils. Throughout this waiting. Two more parties walked in. A party of four anda party of two. While we were waiting they got their food and my aunt is still waiting on her salad. As my aunt stood up toinquire the gentleman came out of the kitchen with our food. I'm going to chalk that up as a bad day and folks always deserve asecond chance. So, we'll see what happens the next time. Read more

Patti Hawk 1 year ago

We received excellent service, the food was priced properly and tasted amazing. A little loud at times but nothing outrageous... considering it was the lunch crowd. We will be back! Read more

Ben 1 year ago

There are VERY few options in Nebraska City that are not fast food chains or bars. The restaurant offers everything from... catfish, fettuccini Alfredo, sandwiches, to gyros. It's all over the place. All the portions seemed huge. I got the catfish, itwas decent. The batter was thin and crunchy and portions were large, however it was nothing out of this world. The waitresshowever was working her tail off with a smile. Read more

Sam Stodola 1 year ago

The menu is very large and the prices and food are good. We come to Nebraska City often and we always come here for breakfast... since it's such a nice quaint little cafe. Would recommend to anybody stopping through Read more

Colleen Schinker 1 year ago

We had a fabulous lunch yesterday here! The Chicken Dumpling soup was just like my mom used to make, and so tasty, we got two... orders to go to enjoy later. The Corned Beef melt was so flavorful and the french fries were perfectly crisp on the outsidewhile remaining soft on the inside. The service was also great and the prices reasonable and a good value! We'll be back! Read more

Jeremy Rettig 1 year ago

Good food for a good price, they got busy right as we got there and for there being one server he rocked it! Everyone had drinks... and we got a round of refills before the food came out! Plus the order was perfect! They have a great staff! Read more

Cody M 1 year ago

Old fashioned diner with great prices. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We had breakfast sandwiches which were huge and... only $5.99. Would definitely come back. Read more