Reviews for Subway in Neillsville, WI

Dawn Berry-Arndt 1 year ago

Great food. Sux that they don't have flat bread anymore.

Andrea Williams 1 year ago

Excellent customer service, helpful with new menu. Tasted great!

Emily Fitzmaurice 1 year ago

Could you not add a mound of pepper? When we want extra something we'll ask for it. The amount of pepper on ALL of our subs... tonight was absolutely ridiculous, and I had to SCRAPE it off. Use common sense people. Read more

Chris Miller 2 years ago

The person making the subs ingores the request of the customer. Added pepper to my wife's sub and she said the customer in front... of her had it jalopines added without request. Read more

RADillow 2 years ago

Subway it is 2022, why isn?t there a changing table in either of your bathrooms? Yes, the food was quite tasty at this... establishment. The staff were ok, with everyone being friendly enough, but a little slow with orders/understanding the order,which is completely understandable if any of them were new hires. However, we had two babies with us and it was awful having tofigure out where to change them. If the day had been beautiful we would have gone back outside and changed them in the car, butit was cold and very windy. Not having a changing table is enough to make me not want to go back to a place because kneeling ona public restroom floor is 1) gross 2) painful on one?s knees if you?re over the age of 18, and 3) a bit difficult to stand upfrom when you?ve had a c-section only several weeks prior. We have all heard of the Koala Kare products and we know Subway canafford it, so PLEASE put changing tables in both the men?s and women?s restrooms. It would be very much appreciated by allparents with diaper-wearing munchkins. Thank you. Read more

shannen noble 2 years ago

They are always polite and respectful. They get my order done in a fast efficient manner. The food is always fresh . The... store is clean and I have no problems sitting at a table to eat and not have to worry about what might get on my clothes orskin. Read more

Levi Tellock 2 years ago

Great sandwich every time! Usually the same young lady working when I go there and she has no problem with my weird requests lil... extra crispy bacon, great customer service! Read more

olivia johnson 5 years ago

Went to grab 2 subs. One of the workers was so rude that we almost left! How hard is it to be nice to your customers? I asked... if she was having a bad day and she said no, just busy. Please note, we were the first two people in the door and they werejust standing around, talking. Once that worker, who has been there for a while, was rude the younger, clearly newer employeeadopted her attitude. I told her she could still be nice and I got the whatever look and attitude. She didn't even ask if myhusband wanted his heated or toasted just kind of tossed on to the next girl. Management should look into who was working 5/25for lunch and have a talk with them!! The young girl who checked us out was nice though. I think she was embarrassed by theother's actions. Sad! Read more