Reviews for Little Caesars Pizza in New Albany, MS

Rhonda Bounds 1 year ago

Left off some of my order, cheese bread hard as a rock, pepperoni pizza was greasy and hardly any pepperoni, meat pizza was just... as bad. Tried to call them and they wouldn?t answer, so got on web sigh called that number but stayed on hold for 20 minutesbefore i hung up, they have lost my business, a frozen pizza would have been better, i gave them one star but they didn?t evendeserve that???????? Read more

Susan R. 1 year ago

Given wrong order and what we recieved was half raw. Called to see what could be done to resolve wrong order and was hung up on.

Kristi Brown 1 year ago

Went here get food for the family and get told we can't break a 50. Go to burger King guess what they can. Sad go in here for... quick food never had issue besides the wait and them not answering the phone. This litte Caesar just need to close. It's beendying for years now. Read more

Vickie Miner 2 years ago

Clean, friendly, and the food was hot. The waiter talked to fast, I had to ask him to slow his talking so I could understand... what he was saying. Read more

Ashley 2 years ago

Previously rated 5 stars. After many issues with this location, I'm dropping to one. The only reason they get it is because zero... stars isn't an option. This location is ridiculous. They are SUPPOSED to close at 8pm, but consistently close at 7:20-7:30pm.Not once, not twice. ALL. THE TIME. After a day of promising the kids pizza for dinner, drove 15 minutes to pull into theparking lot at 7:30. Lights off, everyone gone home. That was the last straw. This is after pulling in one night at 7:30 to betold, "Sorry, our ovens are off." That day, the employees were just standing around, learning on the counter, talking andhanging out. The manager(s) and anyone doing/permitting this needs to be fired. Some of the employees being friendly doesn'texcuse this consistently bad behavior. Do your job, and stick to your hours! If I did this at my job, I would have been fired along time ago. Read more

Mark Spiller 2 years ago

I am not a fan of Little Caesars, but it was a last minute choice. Since the $5 increase; in my opinion any pizza bought from... there is a waste of time and money. I asked two employees there if my pizza would have 30% more pepperoni? They told me 3 timesthat it would. There was so much space between the pepperoni that none of them were touching.... so do yourself a favor and goto Domino's or Pizza Hut instead..!! Read more

Chris B 3 years ago

Seem to be slowly declining in quality and service. Store hours are odd now and no online ordering available. The pizza was... almost undercooked resulting g in it being floppy. Then the butter concoction slathered on too liberally coated half the pizzawith the crust. This also resulted in a box that was so soaked it began to seep through it. Flavor was fair. Room forimprovement across the board. Read more

Jan Cooper 4 years ago

Went at 11:09 to pick up pizza for 75 children who normally eat at 10:30. Pizza?s were not ready. They had not made them. They... had run out of boxes. I asked why they didn?t let someone know earlier. Was meet with gangster like attitude from employees withthe lack of skill to handle the problem. Still no care that they left 75 kids hungry. Never made any attempt to fix theproblem. Order was placed days ahead. . Called day before to confirm. 21 pizza?s looks like a good manager would have made surethey had what they needed. Not a good place. Read more