Reviews for Earl's New American in New Hope, PA

Heather Hund 1 year ago

Loved the Pear tree drink! The salmon was very delicious! The pear bread pudding with maple and bacon sauce was amazing!

Robert From NY 1 year ago

A local friend had told me about Earl’s .. I lived in Solebury a while and decide to drive by my former house n meet a friend... there for lunch. First let me say it’s a lovely well cared for restaurant that is great for a date an event or treatingyourself. It’s not too pricey I’d say moderate and the staff is on their toes n helpful. I didn’t have to search for mywaitress she watched my water glass .. a good sign in a wait staff. The decor was pleasant consistent with the clientele fromthe surrounding upscale area. It’s a big enough place yet it had more intimate spots to chat with your date or partner.There’s a bar, booths and tables , a fireplace n more. My friend had the special chicken salad, and I didn’t see want Inoticed online on the revised menu.. disappointing! I have to say for me .. (maybe it was what I ordered the food) the food wasgood not great..it missed something.. anyway it’s a lovely great place to eat and I’m certain you’ll enjoy it . Withshopping and parking right outside the door and set in the beautiful central Bucks County area it’s a winning combination!I’d say GO! Read more

Leon K 1 year ago

Amazing place, great service, great food. Our first time in Peddler’s Village and so glad we code to go here. Their drinks are... fantastic with the proper balance. The food was perfectly cooked and served. Cannot recommend this restaurant more. Read more

Jessika Sierra 1 year ago

I’ll get straight to the point with my feedback of our experience at Earl’s. 1. Service: Our waitress was very nice, but... oh so slow. We weren’t sure if it was her or the kitchen was in the weeds, but she seemed stressed the entire time. We couldtell it was not her day. To be sure, we weren’t the easiest table. We had two young kids (6 and 2) and some visitors fromout of country - not everyone at the table spoke English. I know it can be hard dealing with a table like that, but I’ll givethe service a 3/10. 2. Time: it was ridiculous slow. First, they took about 10 minutes setting up a table for us, eventhough the place was not close to full. We had 4 adults and 2 kids - this shouldn’t be a major production. Worse yet, thekids’ food took forever. They were hungry and cranky. After they got their food, the adults waited another 15-20 minutesbefore we were fed. Everything was just incredibly incredibly slow. From the time we walked into the restaurant it wasprobably 45 minutes until we had out lunch. We ordered simple things like burgers and salads and pasta. Nothing should havetaken that long. Very very very slow. 1/10 3. Food: she-crab bisque was delicious. Burgers were good. I declined thesweet pickle relish and I did miss a good tomato and some lettuce, but it didn’t come with that. The french fries wereburned and chewy. Yuck. No idea how they could send that to the table. We got actual French fries, and not the steak fries. My husband ate a salad. He said the chicken was dry and hard to eat. My brother in law ordered Rigatoni, it didn’t come withany sauce. I hope they just forgot it because it would be worse if that’s the plate they intended to serve. Pasta no sauce?Something was definitely missing on that plate. 5/10 4. Price: it is not very expensive but you can definitely can eatbetter with what you pay. Sorry guys! Hope you improve service, time and food. I don’t usually make reviews but this time itfelt high Read more

Bonnie Anderson 1 year ago

I ordered the grilled brie and peaches sandwich. The bread didn't hold up. I had to eat it with a fork. Technically delicious... but kind of annoying. Presented beautifully. My companion thought her burger was the best she's ever had. Perfect restaurantfor tired shoppers wanting a real meal. Read more

Mark Salerno 2 years ago

Had a great time here tonight- out to dinner with some friends. Had a great menu along with non-alcoholic drinks that were... exciting to try! We got the fried tomatoes and burrata along with the lobster dumplings as appetizers. And for dinner i got thepork chop. everything was cooked very well and the portions were big, too. The inside has a cozy, homey feel to it and the ihave no complaints about the service. Awesome restaurant in a beautiful area. Read more

L D 2 years ago

I highly recommend visiting Earl's. We were there for a large party and Jim and his staff, Destiny and Kristen, were... professional and friendly. A wide variety of beverages were offered. The beer was $5 and wine was $10 each. The buffet of foodwas excellent. It was so good that all went back for seconds! The mac and cheese was creamy, the salmon was cooked perfectly andpork roast was moist. (The only thing was missing was parmesan cheese for pasta) Everything was perfect for the celebration andwe will come back again. THANK YOU JIM FOR EVERYTHING! Read more

Kate Sturges 2 years ago

The food and drinks were very good! Atmosphere was nice. My only negative comment Is that we felt the service was quite slow.... Big long waits to refill water and cocktails. But other than that very good! Read more