Reviews for McDonald's in Newton, MS

Terry Wagner 1 year ago

Stopped on our way home from Alabama. The food was ok I guess. They missed more than half of our order. Along with everyone... else that was in front of us. When asked about it the employees were polite and apologetic and provided everyone with themissing items. Read more

Christopher Colton 1 year ago

Floors where soo slippery I almost face planted multiple times.. Management was not Concerned at all about my order being wrong... or recrifying the issue.. Food quality was very poor... I wouldn't suggest this restraunt to my worst enemy... Read more

Wendy Marie Austin 1 year ago

Drive thru is fast and courtious. They make the trip smooth as butter usually. Double check your orders and make sure if you ask... for salt they actually put it in the bag. Read more

Tyler Jones 1 year ago

Employees standing around while customers wait, none of the power outlets worked and food came out quick cold.

Bethany Kell 1 year ago

Count your money when you get it back bc when they short you 20 they will lie. I got off a 12 hour shift and broke a 100 there... and didn?t count it right then.. checked my money this morning and it was $20 short and that?s the only place I went beforecoming home. Called and was told the girls till was short and she got my number.. someone called me back 20 minutes latertelling me the girls drawer was right when there?s no way it would be. Either employee stealing or managers counting arestealing. Watch it there. Read more

Tommy Brooks 2 years ago

You can spend a lunch break trying to get your food. Left without my order to keep from being late. Next trip sat at drive thru... that didn't move. Sad Read more

Jacob Bradford 2 years ago

Tried to be nice with rating. But every time go there my order is messes up. Usually due to fact of missing items. Like recently... ordered a combo meal. Trusted them and found out they forgot my fries again! Nothing like being stole from. Read more

Brittney Howard 2 years ago

Had to wait 20 minutes for my food. I ordered the #7 and it had so much tarter sauce on it, it took me 20 napkins to get it to... where I could eat it (I wasn't able to take but a few bites because I was so grossed out by how it looked when I got it). Itwasn't really busy while I was there, but because everyone was messing around and not doing their job, it took way longer thanit should have. Read more