Reviews for Taco Bell in Newton, MS

Kaswyn Untamed 1 year ago

Everything I ordered was cold, nacho cheese half full, burritos extra small a 5 layer burrito with only sourcream and beans?... took 30 mins to fill my order. Cussing and arguing going on inside, and just people who seem underpaid and overworked and justplain not happy with their jobs working here. Read more

imlovingmylifedammit 1 year ago

I was behind some people in line and the Spanish lady was screaming and hollering that they were tryna make her pay for food she... didn't order and they were jus walking away with her food Read more

Baby Girl Latricè 1 year ago

I feel like I'd should sue them for this. First of they said some about a wait for taco bell food oNlY so I ordered my food some... Mac n cheese chicken spicy, ordered a bunch of other taco bell stuff for my Mexican neighbor and I waited at window for 38minutes before being told to pull down, I waited there for an hour, had the line turnt up, then some girl that was nice at firstbrought me some food that was wrong told me to keep it if it is wrong, which is was. I ate it bc I been waiting for over an hourat this point, then I get my real taco bell food, then the same girl walk with my kfc food out say some about I gotta pay forthe wrong food and that her manager said so I said call police and get manager she went back in with food then she came back outwith food and say something bout her manager being afraid of being gatted, see now they profiling my neighbor and me ofc alwaysme. Good thing my daughter was at the hospital after that sped swing, not with me. Then she hand me my food and I scratch off inmy baby daddy's Mercedes Bens truck Ian never been this disputed I wish I was recording I coulda bought my own with thatlawsuit, she said we was gonna shoot her I wanna sue her instead. Ps. HAIR WAS IN MY MAC N CHEESE. Read more

C K 1 year ago

Pathetic and a disgrace to the brand. The workers know their way around KFC for obvious reasons but always struggled running... Taco Bell side. Incompetence everywhere. I recommend anywhere else nearby instead. Read more

Your Final Choice Agency 1 year ago

Compared to other taco Bells that I have been to the one in Newton is the only 1 that gets my vegetarian burrito fixed... correctly. Whenever I go to another Taco Bell and tell them I want vegetarian burrito without sour cream they always leave thesour cream off the cheese sauce the cheese and basically it just be rice and beans. Somehow Newton always gets it right Read more

Pamela ?Pam? Lee 1 year ago

This is a KFC /Taco Bell combo. We got the feeling that this particular location may do more KFC. We order the grilled cheese... burrito deluxe box. The burrito wasn't able to be ate while traveling it was made so messy. I did get one bite and it tastedgreat but not able to eat while traveling. I ordered the grilled cheese burrito and a gordito crunch taco....only received thegordito crunch which was ok, considering the way the bx one was made....misunderstanding I am sure. The person taking my orderwas kind but the overall service was slow and the family ahead of us had issues as well. We arrived after the lunchcrowd.....like 1:10 pm. our so. Sorry I didn't take pictures ??????? Read more

Pat Clark 2 years ago

No chicken available when I ordered. Was given this info after I had paid and moved to second window. Told it would be ready... 5-10 min After 15min I went in Part of My order sitting over to the side Employee said I need to add biscuits Read more

Eli Sanchez 2 years ago

By far best Taco Bell AND kfc in the state. Very pleasant employee. Only problem is Taco bell is down sometimes during night :(