Reviews for Dunkin' in North Brunswick Township, NJ

Perry Albright 1 year ago

The donuts were not fresh and I will not go there again. They don't provide First Responder s or Military Discount's

Nicole M. Vega-Cotto 1 year ago

I highly recommend this DD. Great service and very friendly and helpful staff. They were able to help me and guide me with a big... donut order. Boxes were properly labelled, donuts looked and tasted great, and the order was ready on time. Read more

T. Gafford 1 year ago

Friendly & efficient staff.  Their ice cream is good also.

Leftarmspinner P 1 year ago

Also have the best coffee compare to any Dunkin donuts. Minerva who works there is very friendly and makes the best Coffee.

Suzanne Scotland 2 years ago

Loved my vanilla chai tea. It was made just the way I Iike it. Great service. Paid attention to my specific needs. I was... pleased. Read more

KD Goldenvoice 2 years ago

I went for a quick stop. I wanted something different. I need to ween myself off of coffee and sugar. I ordered a chai tea-... customer service girl asked if I wanted the latte... I said Oh, no no cream/milk for me. So she suggested a vanilla spice-- I'mlike; that sounds nice. Gimme that in an Extra large. I asked for lots of honey. I was offered to have them put the honey infor me. I said sure--less work for me to do. When I got my cup order #2563 at 8:34:33AM I'm like where's the honey??? She saidit's in there. I'm like let me go over here and taste it before I leave because I just had a terrible coffee experience at theClark DD last week. I tasted that beverage and was instantly in heaven. I said OMG this is soooooo goood!! It's PERFECT!!North Brunswick has redeemed the DD brand in my book. So friggin' happy. A good cup of coffee or tea can really make or breakyour morning if you let it! I'm HAPPY :-) Read more

Keasha Jack-Lyles 2 years ago

I arrived approximately 7 pm and they only had a couple bagels and donut holes. Perhaps they sold out of everything and it was... close to closing. However, there wasn't any complaint about me using the restroom. Read more

Eric Karstensen 4 years ago

Very nice clean place to stop and have a quick bite to eat. Very friendly staff