Reviews for IHOP in North Brunswick Township, NJ

Maritza Torres 1 year ago

My daughter asked for her order incorrectly; she requested each item as a side instead of as part of a meal. I immediately asked... two other waiters to please ask our waitress to come back to our table so we could clarify the order. We watched as the twoother waiters did nothing but stand and talk, and never went to ask our waitress to come back to our table. It was not busy atthe time. (Our waitress did acknowledge that no one had told her we asked for her, though we spoke with 2 waiters.) The bill wasdouble for one meal what it would have been had the order been put in the right way, and the manager said there was nothing hecould do about it. Not happy with the handling of the issue considering two waiters essentially ignored our requests to ask forour waitress when there was still time to fix the order (and the place wasn't even busy) and the manager was completelyunhelpful. Read more

Epic God Lux 1 year ago

I had a pretty great time at this location. There was a ten minute wait time which is not a long time considering I went for... brunch on a Sunday. The service was adequate and the food was pretty good. My main beef is they destroyed my beef. I ordered aT-Bone steak medium rare and when I recieved my steak I was underwhelmed. The steak had NO char! Also no flavor and was cookedwell on the strip side and the filet was cooked medium to medium well. So all in all a great experience but I would recommendgoing to a steakhouse for a proper steak! Next time I will add photos. Read more

Tony Simon 1 year ago

Sunday evening wasn't busy and the service was quick. The waitress was very nice and never stopped moving from table to table... taking care of the guest. I ordered Chicken Fried Steak and scrambled eggs. The food came out so quickly that I joked it musthave been a previous customer's canceled order. The food was very good. IHOP food has been consistently good in my experience it's the service & cleanliness that makes the difference with IHOP. This location has great service, good food and was veryclean. I definitely recommend this restaurant for a delicious enjoyable meal. Read more

AP SAI 1 year ago

We visited once on a weekday night 9pm and they said they are closed for dine-in by 9pm. As the store says open till 10pm, they... offer to-gos. It is a decent place. Food is really good when we eat it fresh right there? We tried protein power pancakes andBelgian waffles.. Both are very good with butter and different syrups available. We fell in love with Butter Pecan syrup as itwas light and tastier than rest. Old fashioned maple syrup will stand next. They have blueberry and strawberry options as well.But they are little sour than rest 2. Ordered orange juice and I believe it is not freshly squeezed? so tasted kind of regularbottled orange juice Oreo shake was good too. We also ordered white bread toast and brown bread toast? they are okay. Read more

Adam H 1 year ago

Great food and service! Busy but clean. Only giving 4 stars instead of 5 because we couldn?t find our waiter for the last 10... minutes or so to get the check. Then wait staff told us we pay up front while front desk staff told us we pay at the table. Sothat was confusing but food and service great overall. Read more

william nunn 1 year ago

Let me begin by saying this is one of the worst experiences I have ever had at an IHOP. First the waitress rolled her eyes when... we asked for a couple minutes to look over the menu and for one additional person to arrive from our party. Then she proceededto ignore our table when we were ready to order. After ordering, our food came out, in which she forgot half of the meal for oneof our guests. We had to ask for help from another waitress just to receive the missing food. Then the food we did received wascold bacon and lukewarm sausage, WITH raw eggs. Our lovely waitress never came back to check on us. When we proceeded to ask forthe check to pay, we paid by card to make it quick. She then slammed the receipt down and stated ?sign here? and left. I havenever been so disgusted and disappointed at an IHOP before. Read more

Mary Kate Willmot 2 years ago

My experience at this IHOP was a pretty positive one! The service was attentive and speedy; the waiter was ever bilingual so he... could help both Spanish and English speaking customers. I got the French toast combo and the French toast was perfect. However,the eggs were just okay. They didn?t taste like fresh cracked eggs but rather the stuff from the bag. I also got a hot coco andthey gave me tons of whipped cream so that was fun. Everything seemed clean (except a little speck of something in the salt) andwell run so I will definitely be back! Read more

Ali Mohamed 3 years ago

One of the best Ihops around here. If your looking for quality in Ihop this is the place. The french toast, eggs, hash browns... and burger were some of the best I had in a long time. Really nice staff and manager. Read more