Reviews for Sakura in North Brunswick Township, NJ

MMRP Director 1 year ago

I kept down the sashimi for a total of 6 minutes before I had to run to the bathroom to vomit it up. Rest of buffet was mediocre... at best. Save your money and get some quality sushi somewhere else. Read more

Chun Yi Chan 1 year ago

We went on Wednesday for lunch and we paid (tax and tips) $20 each for their buffet. Plenty of selection for sushi and hot... food. There wad also a small selection of dim sum food. For this much variety it was well worth it. Read more

Jenne Black 1 year ago

My review is both good and horrific. I ate there the Sunday night before labor day at around 9pm, and got food poisoning... ???????????? I called them to let them know, so I'm hoping they did a thorough disinfection. A few hours after I ate, I didn'tfeel right. I forced myself to go to bed, and ended up running to the toilet early in the morning. I spent DAYS with horrificpain and a terrible fever, spending half my days and nights on the toilet. I've never felt so much pain, and I've broken bonesand gave birth to four children. That was excruciating. Anyway, the overall experience while I was at the restaurant was a goodone and the food was delicious while I was eating it. Read more

carin leung 1 year ago

Price is ok, food is so-so, if you expect to have many different kind of sashimi, you will disappoint; sashimi is placed in a... small plastic container, only 3 kinds of them. Small and square cut, no taste. Sushi is ok. Chinese cooked dishes, lowquality. It is ok to go if you just want to feed yourself full. $23.95 on weekend is good price. Don't expect too much. Read more

Jamie Lin 1 year ago

This was a fantastic location! I loved the all you can eat seafood and sushi. Not many buffets offer many seafood and sushi. The... sushi was also extremely fresh and delicious. I especially loved how they had authentic Chinese dishes as well. This place is amust-try if you love trying new things <3 Read more

Tommy Zheng 1 year ago

One of the better buffets I've ever been to. Food was delicious and fresh. The options were plentiful. Service was fast to... deliver water, but felt slow grabbing out finished plates near the end. Price was fair for the quality of food. Read more

Prince 2 years ago

Very tasty food and a lot of verities. If you are looking for more fancier open buffet full of seafood, this where to go. If you... are a meat lover, then this place is not for you :) Read more

Zin Mot 2 years ago

Quality v.s. Quantity?! So when you go to any all you can eat restaurant, you should already know that you’re sacrificing the... quality for quantity. Are there really great all you can eats out there? Yes, but rare, very very rare. For Sakura compared toother all you can eat restaurants that I have been to: Food: 2/5 Service: 3/5 Ambiance: 4/5 Price: 2/5 Overall: 2/5 IMO,it’s better to go to a good restaurant and eat less of high quality food versus going to an all you can eat and a lot of lowquality food. Read more