Reviews for TGI Fridays in North Brunswick Township, NJ

Nikki Moseley-Burton 1 year ago

I sometimes meet my friend at the bar for a few drinks every few months, and this place has gone downhill. I walked in and there... was dirty dishes and glasses everywhere, at almost all available tables. The workers were all sitting around chatting, barelyattending to the few customers there. I ordered a drink and it tasted horrible. My wings were so overcooked and my friendcouldn't finish his dish. After an hour, someone who I assumed was the manager then started removing all the dirty dishes on thetables but the bartender still didn't remove the dirty stuff from the side of me or all around the bar. She barely spoke to usand it took a while to get our check. It's cold outside, they had the air conditioning blasting so most of us had our hoodieson, with the hood up. It was just an unpleasant experience and I'd rather eat in a cleaner place. Read more

Alicia C 1 year ago

Dined in restaurant for the first time and understand why this location is always empty. Sat at an empty bar on football Monday.... Not sure if there were no bartenders and other employees were just filling in but service at the bar was nonexistent. Thebartender/server was not behind the bar, and we had to literally shout for service anytime we needed something. There were agroup of employees (our bartender/server being one of them) just sitting in a booth, chilling, talking and bar was leftunattended. After asking for a box to take away, we were automatically handed the check (we did not request the check at thattime we intended on staying & watching the game which hadn't even started yet!). The entire vibe of the place is that they didnot care to have us there- they wanted us out as soon as possible. Came with the intention of watching the game (and spend $$!)but after the lack of service and attentiveness we left and ended up at another bar. Food was typical for TGI Fridays. Messageto franchise owner/management- work on your staff! Read more

Joshua Schulman 1 year ago

Maybe its because I haven?t gone to TGIF in a long time but it was an extremely good meal! Forgot how much I love the jack... daniels bbq sauce, or the ?whiskey glaze?. Wings were meaty and well sauced and the ribs were perfect, could?ve had a whole rackof them! Prices aren?t cheap but what I have in this picture was barely upwards of $20. Considering a half rack on its own isabout $18 the ?bucket of bones? is easily the best Meal you can get. Read more

Anne D 1 year ago

Service was better than the food. Our waitress was also the bartender and went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied.... The food was standard chain restaurant quality. Read more

Miriam Walker 1 year ago

Great place for Lunch I had these loaded potatoes for appetizer Delicious will definitely come back for those. Jeremy think... that's his name was the ???? best Read more

Red Headd 1 year ago

I order off their website for delivery. Not only was every item I ordered wrong, and my drink was forgotten. My husbands drink... (below) is supposed to be a ? passion fruit, guava, berry coconut Red Bull SLUSHIE? instead we were given justRed Bull with ice.When we called to complain, PEDRO the manager, was rude, & argumentative. Refused to refund my husbands drink even tho it wascompletely incorrect. We also ordered desserts, that had all the toppings left off, so essentially we paid 20$ For 2 plainbrownies. We ordered the appetizer bundle which was supposed to feed 4 people, instead they gave us the regular app, which wasnot only not what was ordered but not enough to feed the people in my home. When we explained this to Pedro, he said, he willrefund only the TOPPINGS to our desserts, and just my missing drink. When we told him we weren?t satisfied with that, & wewould have to call corporate to solve everything, he told us if we did, he would complain to corporate about us, and we wouldn?tbe aloud back. So 80$ down the drain. Will never come to this location ever again. Horrible! P.s ( still calling corporate afterthe holiday) Read more

Tania 2 years ago

I bought the Cajun pasta and my family members purchased the chicken Parmesan pasta and they were both not good. No seasoning... whatsoever. We all had to put pepper and salt to make it slightly good. The Cajun chicken/shrimp pasta was okayish afterwardsand there was no saving the chicken Parm pasta. The servers/waiters were amazing though. 5 stars for the servers Read more

Ms. W 2 years ago

I felt like having ribs and was in the area shopping and treated myself to a whole rack of whiskey glazed ribs. Ribs were... advertised as fall off the bone. These ribs were not the worst I've had and with a little more effort could have been 5 stars.The flavor was there and good but the ribs were dry, possibly overcooked or reheated too much, making them too chewy. They don'tfall off the bone but you can pull a strip off the bone and it's just too dry. I felt like I was eating ribs that were reheatedfrom the day before. The fries and coleslaw were very good. When I am paying $24.99 for a rack of ribs, I expect a little morequality than what I received. Read more