Reviews for Subway in North Las Vegas, NV

Archie M. Fox III 1 year ago

A bit more healthier than other fast food places.


Team work make the dream work they need help working in team instead of getting mad at each other need more fresh ... veggies Read more

Hannah Sweet 1 year ago

This place is always closed when it's supposed to be open! It says online this location is open until 11pm. I've asked the... staff when they close and they told me 11pm. The employees close up the store at random times during the night. I've even beenin the store at 6pm and Subway was closed! Read more

Keith Hooker 2 years ago

My sandwiches were always good no mold and the guy named Alex is very nice and friendly and kind

Mama T 3 years ago

The young lady that helped my mom and I, named Naomi, was exceptional! She helped us with a genuine heart and a love for her... job! My mom was so please and, therefore, I was pleased. She was patient, kind, and professional. I haven't seen this kind ofgreat customer service since I have moved back to Las Vegas a couple months ago. I cannot speak for other employees of thisSubway location, but if they are like Noami and have character, respect for their job, kindness and patience, then this is whereyou want to eat! Thank you Noami!! ?? ???????? Read more

Cheryce Campbell-Davis 3 years ago

My child ate her entire sandwich and realized it tasted funny. The bread is molded. We've been calling for over an hour to alert... the staff and they won't answer the phone. When they did answer they hung up the phone. Several people before me ordered thisbread and the people behind us. If they make their bread fresh as they are supposed to how could the bread beer molded? I'llreach out to corporate because they clearly aren't following the proper protocol. Read more

Shabby Rose Creations by Kem 6 years ago

I guess it depends on what time of day you go. Normally my sandwich is pretty good. Other times, bread is stale/hard at the... ends. Prices are great, cookies are always fresh. Most of the staff, is great. There's been a few, that need an attitudeadjustment! Some of been rude & rush you, as you're trying to decide what you want on your sandwich. Lines, are normally maybe a3-5 minute wait. Read more

christinya ware 7 years ago

Everytime i go in there no bread made no cookies to sale bad customer service. Not going to say any names but an employee on... 6/24 around 9-10pm was sweeping the place i came in as a customer she just put gloves on without washing her hands i asked herif she washed her hands she said no like she didnt care. I love subway and all but this has to be the worst subway i ever beentoo staff are rude and act like they don't want to be there never no bread to choose from only like 2 options either white orflat bread like come on now if you dont like your job find a new one there is no reason for me to be a local shopper at walmartand everytime i go in subway yall never prepared of have some off the wall attitudes get it to together ladies. !!!! P.s i haveall names date and times that this happend im not a complainer but this is getting too far. Read more