Reviews for Señor Tequila in North Little Rock, AK

Mark Herrick 1 year ago

Great food, good prices, nice family atmosphere, hard working employees. Overall a great place to eat. We have been going here... over 25 years! Read more

D. J. Resnick 1 year ago

We've been to this restaurant several times and have always found the Mexican entrées to be well prepared and tasty. Sadly, on... this visit the food was subpar. The rellano was small and over cooked. The tortilla on the enchilada was like trying to chewon leather. All in all it was disappointing. Because it was a late dinner it may have contributed to the quality, but itshouldn't have. Read more

Roy Spann 1 year ago

I Dined in So I ordered The fajita platter.They bring u Chips and Salsa, but the Salsa was Only Puree and Jalapeno's So I asked... for something more Spicy ????. Well the Senorita brought Me HELL FIRE. I MIXED BOTH TOGETHER AND ATE MY FOOD. THE MANAGER orSomething was my Server and He Didn't let the Senorita serve Me! He Never ASKED ME DID I NEED ANYTHING" & HE SEATED ME UP BYTHEIR CASH REGISTER AND SEATING AREA. I FELT LIKE HE WAS WATCHING ME". SO HE BROUGHT ME MY BILL which was $12.92... I had a tipfor The Senorita but he jumped in the Way. So I asked for a TO GO Container... I Then asked for a Bag to carry out. The ManagerContinues to watch Me & I asked the young guy for Another Small Salsa because The Small One they place on the table Plus the HotOne the table size & I asked for another small one to mix with the HOT. WELL He proceeds to Speak very Fast and Aggressive tothe boy,So when he went back into the kitchen I say Why were you Scolding the boy he didn't Do Nothing but give me a small Salsathe table one's u put in the table". He says he WAS talking to the boy and I Say If a Caucasian person asked for a Salsa orAnything else it Wouldn't be a Problem. But U THINK YOU BETTER THAN BLACK'S CAUSE U LOOK DOWN ON MY PEOPLE AND WE MADE A WAY FORYOU". I TOLD HIM HE DIDN'T EVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ME Patronizing THIS ESTABLISHMENT EVER AGAIN. Read more

Danielle Mogg 1 year ago

This establishment serves some fire authentic Mexican cuisine! They have friendly staff and a great family atmosphere. They keep... our cups full and chips full and fresh! Their wide variety of mixed adult beverages are delicious and not to much. Love it. Read more

Hannah White 1 year ago

Friendly atmosphere, great vibe, food is fabulous and the service is fast. Love it here! I'm currently going every Sunday after... work just to wind down! Great place to go relax eat and have a drink......or two ???? Read more

Tiffany 1 year ago

Great service and food! Eat here every week without disappointment.

Sharah 2 years ago

Chimichunga dinner was ok. I'm aware that most Mexican restaurants precook the beef, chicken, rice and beans which I am ok with.... However it's only ok if they are changing the pans out in good timing. I received dry meat in my chimi and it was hardly fried.My server was experiencing a lot of complaints from other tables so I couldn't bring my self to send it back. I took it to goand my pot smoking sister killed it lol. I'd give it another try but I'd go earlier when the food is fresh. The servers wereeasy going too. They tried very hard to compensate for the kitchen. Overall not so bad. Oh great margaritas btw. Read more

Jaynie Fisher-McClain 5 years ago

Señor Tequila on Camp Robinson Road is our favorite Mexican food restaurant in the Twin Cities area. We have been eating here... for years now. We have also eaten at the one on University (?), and it was just as delicious! My husband was raised close to theoriginal North Little Rock Mexico Chiquito. But as it closed, and they went under, we sought out another restaurant that wouldgive us our spicy food "fix"! It wasn't long before we found and settled on the flavorful offerings of Señor Tequila! When youfirst arrive, they bring uou warm corn chips and cool, but spicy with peppers hot sauce for dipping. I found the hot sauce SOHOT that I ordered a bowl of queso blanco-- melted white cheese-- for my chips!! I have had the Chicken Fajitas- which wereserved with warm soft tortillas. They were seasoned perfectly and were delicious at lunch as the special of the day. However, myhusband and I are creatures of habit when it comes to what we enjoy, and what we enjoy is the Enchilada Special: 2 beefenchiladas smothered in your choice of red sauce, creamy cheese sauce-- I had the cheese sauce and hubby had the traditional redsauce! The platter comes with refried beans and Spanish rice. I don't eat beans, so I exchange my beans for a double portion ofrice. We also ordered a bowl of Pico de Gallo to flavor up our food. LOVE that Cilantro!! In very short time, one of the politewaiters came out with our HOT platters of food!! We neither one have large appetites anymore, so we ate half and brought theother half home to eat the next day! By the time we put ours in the to-go plates, there were quite a few people coming in forsupper time. The food is always hot, delicious and not overly seasoned. Usually the hot sauce and chips appetizer is just hotenough to make your nose run, and Coke disappear, but it was "¡muy caliente!" this last visit!! I had to leave it alone! Allthe staff are very polite, clean, eager to take your order. I have never jad a rude waiter here. There i Read more