Reviews for McDonald's in Oakhurst, CA

Karl Hussey 1 year ago

Mixed feelings about this place because it's so convenient and location is where I frequent. Most recent experience...fries were... cold n hard, chicken nuggets were not much warmer, they got my frosty order for my daughter wrong and took 20 minutes in all toget it wrong and then right. Nice new tables, but most of the tables were dirty. Read more

Amberlee Pick 1 year ago

They always mess up the orders. Usually whenever I order anything with a hashbrown the hashbrown is never in the bag. And by the... time I get out of the drive thru to look at the contents of my bag its too late. Read more

Rob B. 1 year ago

Hey it's McDonald's right?!! I actually hardly ever do fast food but was unable to eat until midafternoon and it was the first I... came to. The only critique is that they are steering folks to the kiosk to place orders online but I didn't see the 2cheeseburger meal so I ended up waiting for about 6-7 minutes at the counter. However, once order was in it came to me veryfast. 4 stars was warranted. Read more

Jessica Hughes 1 year ago

The frappe machine was working, yay, and the only minor complaint I would have is that the drive thru attendant was kind of... rude. The cheeseburgers were great, the fries were hot, and I did get enough and correct sauce for my nuggets. Read more

Stephanie Berchiolly 1 year ago

Breakfast here is great. Food was hot and fast. The woman who served us the other day was funny and sweet. We did have an issue... with a sundae via the drive through... We asked for extra caramel and they put it all on top which I've never seen before. (Theextra is usually squirted into the bottom.) The lid wasn't placed correctly and the melting ice cream from the warm caramelpopped the lid and sort of exploded. Since they didn't give us napkins we had to run in and grab stuff to clean up. They wereextremely gracious and replaced it, but they definitely skimped on the caramel so it really wasn't even with it in the end Read more

Regina C Becker 1 year ago

This place was such a trap. An informant sat by the entrance, a young woman with two barefoot girls running in the dining room,... who had been instructed to get to you. A dining room in severe need of organizing but a female employee decided to wash thefloor instead, which is one of their "shticks." Haven't they heard of slip and fall accidents? The manager or supervisorstarted a brand new pot of coffee and ithe delivery was going to be delayed but I turned my camera on. Then, fast delivery andno tricky parting greetings. I was thrilled to be out of there. The coffee was good. Read more

Sam Bawahab 1 year ago

Clean restaurant and super friendly cashiers. Conventently located, center of small town. Clean restroom. Great spot for pit... stop with small kids. Read more

Vitalii Lunko (????? ???????) 1 year ago

Slow slow slow slow If you want to have something for 5-10 min go to drive through. In store purchase so slow. Wi as standing... and waiting to order something for 10 min, the stuff does not care. Read more