Reviews for Zagros Kebab House in Oakville, ON

Abhishek Bijalwan 1 year ago

worst sharma i every had costed me 25 dollars and he gave me this. few pices of chicken and all rice with onions that i asked... specially. please save your money and osmos. Read more

FL 140 1 year ago

After seeing the 5 star reviews, I decided to try this place. I assume I met the owner when I walked in and he looked... disinterested. He then microwaved my falafel before frying it, gave me humus straight out of a container in the Fridge. Neveragain! Read more

Bana Biri 1 year ago

We love Persian food and this one was so tasty. My boys love it and we order every now and then.

Maheshwari Jadhav 1 year ago

5 star for this place. The owner is a fantastic person. He is very welcoming and has great hospitality for customers. Talking... about the food - Marvellous The taste is amazing!!!! Super delicious Joojeh and Koobideh chicken Kebab.. Garlic sauce on thehouse is mouth watering? Food quality is amazing? My favourite place for kebabs in entire Oakville.. Read more

Gottfried von Rathonyi 2 years ago

This was a first time visit to this restaurant which has take out only at this time. The food was good, and the service was... friendly and quick. Read more

Alaleh - FoodyTO 2 years ago

I was so excited to have found this restaurant in Oakville, but I was disappointed when I received my food. I ordered "Bareh... Kabab" with vegetables, "Vaziri Leg" with Persian Salad and Homemade chips with . The first thing you pay attention to when youopen the package is the smell of the food and the quantity. Well, that was my first disappointment, because both Bareh andKoobideh didn't smell good at all. Also, Koobideh wasn't like any of the advertised pictures and it was only 6 pieces of meat inthe package for Bareh Kebab. Vaziri leg tasted good and was cooked properly. But, my second disappointment was the taste of bothkebabs that weren't good at all. And this comes from the person who has tried almost all the Persian restaurants in Toronto andyou get higher quality and quantity with the same prices. I believe the ingredients used un the food weren't fresh at all andwhat I have understood from other Google reviews, the owner doesn't care at all. But I know for sure that I'd rather drive toToronto whenever I'm craving Persian food to eat a good quality meal, rather than ordering from a restaurant close to my housethat doesn't offer good quality food and doesn't care about their customer! Read more

Arman 2 years ago

Owner was rude but was then only nice to me when I mentioned I?m Persian. When he complained about people making orders and not... picking up he said certain races are the worst in that regard. As for the food, starting with the Mirza ghassemi. It was verysalty and hard to eat. Too much turmeric and not authentic. Ghormeh sabzi- was $17 for half a container. Bland and missingherbs Barg- the website says tenderloin but it tasted like a veal cutlet, too thin, did not taste fresh Koobideh- very thin.Normally it?s juicier and thicker. Seasoning felt off as well Meal 1 in general- meal 1 is the package I got. It says chickenthighs on the website but from the picture you can see it?s ground chicken. I haven?t seen a place Give one grilled tomato cutinto several pieces when you order that much you should get more tomatoes Read more

Nick Jer 3 years ago

If you like being let down, order from here. The place was unsanitary, and the staff were super unfriendly. I am shocked that... they are so stingy here with zero care for customers! When they started making my order, beef shawarma, I saw that they werejust reheating shawarma in old oil and a dirty frying pan. And once I took my first bite, I realized the beef was spoiled andtasted like it was 2-3 weeks old. The meat in my order was beef fat, not what I expected, and I had to stop eating because myjaw hurt! I'm so disappointed in the service and quality of food that I will make sure no one from my office nor my home will begoing in to order from this location! People should be aware of the awful service and the poor quality of food they providehere. Read more