Reviews for Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano in Omaha, NE

S Felix 1 year ago

Biaggi's may seem crowded, loud and a slew of other things, but they've done some things right. However loud the environment was... walking in, and perhaps waiting to be seated for our reservation, you will notice a difference the moment you are seated. Thebrilliance of this restaurant is not just in the menu or the fantastic food, but the amazing design. We were seated in a booth,which was divided by a solid, 7-to-8 foot wall to one side. Why am I bothering to tell you this as a reviewer? Because, for oncein a crowded(nay, packed!) restaurant, I could hear my partner in crime. Yes, we had a conversation. And no, we weren't yellingover the other noisome families or couples. We were having a conversation facing each other and we didn't have to strain torepeat ourselves or pull out a phone to text back and forth with each other. This simple design choice is a grand one in mymind, and likewise, every table had a single wall to one side to facilitate conversation. This made for a more personal dinnerexperience than I expected. - The service was easily a 5/5 Our waiter--bless his soul--had a rough time filling my drinkrequest: an orange Italian soda. He went back and forth, and another waitress swept by to deliver a lemonade instead (my secondchoice). However, he returned to apologize stating the drink was on its way. Sadly, when the Orange Italian Soda arrived, ittasted of nothing but maraschino cherries, blended in with Italian Soda. My partner tasted and confirmed there was no Orange toit at all. I didn't make a fuss since the waiter did bring my second drink (even if by accident), so I had another optionreadily available. - Appetizer 5/5 Warm house bread was provided for us with an olive and parmesan dip made at the table. Thiswas pleasant as we waited. The appetizer we chose was Bacon Wrapped Dates. These were fatty, but sweet, and utterly addicting.The sweetness of cooked dates paired with the saltiness of bacon was a combination I could forever eat, Read more

Saranya S 2 years ago

We had birthday dinner from there last night …. Food tasted good, Service just ok. We started with bruschetta and lobster corn... chowder soup, which were delicious, but my boyfriend’s main dish was cold(Short rib ravioli), I ordered Capellini,which wasjust ok. We would give it 5 stars but we were not impressed with the service. Drinks were left unattended, We might come backagain but will try different entrees. Read more

Natale L. Paragas 2 years ago

I’ve been looking for good Italian restaurants since I moved here from Italy. This is so far one of the best ones and no... grammar errors in the menu like other allegedly “Italian” restaurants in town. ???? Besides that.. Absolutely loved thebruschette we had: Classico was delicious, the smoked salmon one was good as well. I ordered the sea scallops risotto like ourwaiter Wayde suggested. It didn’t disappoint. Loved a good Aperol Spritz that doesn’t taste like water. Our waiter wasawesome, he was very nice and always asking us how we were doing. Great service. First time here and we will definitely be back.100% recommend Read more

Kimberly Johnson 2 years ago

This was our first visit and we were impressed! The service was excellent. Our waitress was Hannah and she was pleasant and very... attentive. Our table and seats were clean and the restaurant was very clean. All of our dishes were cooked to perfection. Therewas an initial error with my order but they went above and beyond to make it right! I had ordered lightly breaded and friedchicken on the side of my fettuccine Alfredo and they initially served me grilled chicken. They ended up bringing me two piecesof chicken that was fried to make up for the error. We all had complementary breads with oil, Parmesan and freshly cracked blackpepper, a shared appetizer, our main entrée, non-alcoholic drinks and a dessert for under $40 per person. We will definitelyvisit this restaurant again! The only suggestion I would give this restaurant is to quickly get the holes in the ceiling andwall repaired in the woman’s bathroom handicap stall. Read more

Scott Linderer 2 years ago

The service and the food are always on point here. I tried the pizza for the first time and really loved it. My wife got the... Lobster Fettuccine Alfredo which was good to me and terrific to her. The lobster was cooked perfect, I just prefer traditionalnoodles and she loves this style. The lemon mascarpone cake was tremendous and chocolate cake was solid. I would highlyrecommend. The Spaghetti and Meatballs is among the best I've ever had. Atmosphere is business casual and chatty. Read more

Princess Brown 2 years ago

Went here for the 1st time today for my Mom’s bday. It was slow, we went during early afternoon (about 2:30pm). I want to... start by saying we absolutely LOVED our waitress!!! Her name was Kahla (pictured, I do not have permission to post her pictureso if it’s requested to be removed I will remove it, but I just wanted ppl to see who I was referring to) she was so attentivewith us & running between so many tables by herself. (From what I could see) She was so nice & patient with us (we were a smidgeindecisive) & thank you SO MUCH for the dessert for my mom’s bday!!! It was SOOOO GOODDD!!!! Our whole experience was thatmuch better bc of her! The food was really good. We did send the pasta back for more sauce (it was incredibly dry-as picturedwhen it was originally brought out) but otherwise it was a nice experience. THANK YOU KAHLA!!! give her a raise !!!! Read more

Susan Kiley 2 years ago

Dinner before the rush turned out to be the best decision ever! First timers (4 of us) with a lot of special requests that were... handled flawlessly! Service: Excellent. **side note: returned 2 weeks later, packed at 6:15 - not a great experience for ourbirthday celebration of 7** Quality: Excellent! **side note: 2 weeks later, returned 2 dishes twice. Waited over 15 mins tospeak to a manager. Finally, after showing him these pics from 2 weeks prior, he brought the correct dishes out. Unfortunately,we had to get to-go as the 5 other family members had finished. Price: comparative to chain restaurants, but WAYBETTER! Refills: If you order a ‘special’ drink (lemonades) for your child, beware they are NOT free, good, but not worthall the ice and limited drink. Stick with water. Our teenage boys each drank 2 before we asked if they were free… We willreturn! I’d highly recommend Biaggi’s for an excellent fresh cooked Italian restaurant. Atmosphere is comfy, but does getloud as more people fill the space. I’d also recommend going at an ‘off’ time + making reservation. Con: 7 peoplerequires a reservation. I would ask for a larger table or you will be squished on a round table barely big enough for 5 adults.If you ask to switch when you get there, the hostess (at least the one who we had), will have an attitude and treat you poorly,even speaking bad of you to others behind you. Read more

Sarah P 2 years ago

Absolutely thee best Italian I have ever tasted in my entire life!!!!! Our waiter was attentive, as well as very helpful! If... your hungry for astounding Italian I recommend Biaggi's!!! Key Lime Pie was perfect! Everything had very announced taste, thepresentation was beautiful!!!! Their tea is so vibrant, hint of raspberry. Don't hesitate once, if your hungry Italian in theOmaha area, hit up Biaggi's! Pleasantly surprised!!!! Read more