Reviews for Chaima's African Cuisine in Omaha, NE

Carmen McNally 1 year ago

Worth the wait! I ordered the Riz aus Gras and Gigot. The flavor was phenomenal and you can tell everything is cooked fresh. The... hot sauce was such a good addition with the spices used on the lamb. And a little bit goes a long way. I will definitely begoing back! Read more

Danie Fisher 1 year ago

Had to come here because viral tiktok trend of the fufu and egusi stew. Stopped in as soon as they opened. It took a about a... 20-25 min wait because I assume it's homemade. My my goodness it was worth the wait. Fufu reminds me of Mochi. And the stewwas very flavorful. The serving was large for a average 130lb person. it could be 2 servings. Would recommend 10/10. Read more

DeVon Allison 1 year ago

Only giving one star because that?s the lowest possible amount I could give. (FYI I?m writing this as I?m sitting at the... restaurant) When coming to this restaurant, make sure to bring a blanket and pillow, because you?ll be able to take several napsby the time you actually get your food. We arrived at the restaurant at opening time. There were others who arrived then aswell. They kept us all standing outside as they looked at us until almost 10 minutes past opening time. Finally they unlockedthe doors without telling anyone they had been unlocked. We came in and ordered. An our later, I?m still waiting for my food.Everyone else has been served, and I?m still waiting. The ice has thoroughly melted in my now watered down drink, and I?mprobably gonna have to take the food home. Okay good just arrived. The peanut butter soup. The version I make for Kwanzaa eachyear tastes LOADS better than this. Oh and by the way the fufu is freezing cold and the soup, even after waiting an hour, islukewarm. Chicken and French fries took almost an hour and a half to bring out. And taste wise, none of the food is somethingI?d pay for ever again. I do not plan on paying full price for this. It?s not good. Not disgusting, but not good at all. OH! Ialmost forgot, when we came in, there was a large dead cricket by our table. We told the lady about it. Twice. She said ?Ohokay?. An hour and a half later, we are still eating our food next to a large dead cricket. Read more

Jackie Piele 1 year ago

I?ve been googling African food for months and I was dying to try fufu! I found this place and went today! It was PHENOMENAL!!... I?ve never tried anything like this before and it was amazing! I went in right when it opened so I had to wait for fresh eggusi,and I had to go home and come back to get it. THATS THE ONLY REASON I AM GIVING A FOUR BUT THE FOOD AND EGGUSI WAS WORTH THEWAIT and everything else was great!! ???? The lady that took our order was great and polite as we! Will definitely be goingback! Clean, friendly, cute and the flavors is ALL THERE! Thank you! Read more

Tifani Torres 1 year ago

The food was amazing, the environment was so welcoming. When I walked into the restaurant I was pleasantly surprised, from the... outside I did not expect much but you walk in to white table cloths and a nice seating area. The food was amazing. I even got tomeet the chief, she was so welcoming and personable. Will definitely be coming back with my family soon! Read more

Uri Frazier 2 years ago

Food was delicious! They were overwhelmed with business, and so patience was required. But the young workers there were so... polite, it more than made up for any inconvenience. Read more

Thomas Giraldin 2 years ago

When I'm traveling I like to try new things because life is just way too short! The food was absolutely amazing the family was... amazing and you're never too young to try something new! Read more

Jaime Esquivel 2 years ago

Food was solid, for sure! If we are rating only on food quality it's a 4 for sure! Service was super friendly as well, but you... can tell this is a mom and pop operation. No music, so it's stiflingly quiet in there. Needs a little more care and upkeep.Otherwise a cool hole in the wall spot to try some good food. Would definitely recommend if you're in it only for the tastebuds! Again, a 4 if it's food and service alone we are looking at! Read more