Reviews for Jerico's in Omaha, NE

AARON HEROLD 1 year ago

Excellent restaurant! A true hidden jem of Omaha. Comfortable dining room. Our waitress Jessica K was outstanding and made us... feel welcome while making sure our drinks stayed full. The prime rib was very tender and flavored well. My ribeye was cooked andseasoned perfectly. Our appetizer was the garlic cheese bread and the accompanying sauce was amazing. Overall we were veryimpressed with our first visit. We will definitely be back. Thank you Read more

Elaina Vick 1 year ago

Brought our family from out of town here after hearing recommendations to try this place. The ambience was nice, but I was very... concerned about cleanliness. We had so many bugs swarming our table. Lots of gnats and flies. My husband had a fly in his water.The server brought him a new one but left the water with the fly in it on our table. I was seated facing the kitchen so I couldsee that the chef was not wearing gloves or any sort of gear, such as, a hair net with his long beard to ensure safe foodpreparation. I had asked our server about seasoning in the food I wanted to order and rather than asking the chef when I toldher my allergies, she told me not to order it. I ended up ordering a small well-done cut of steak which was not well done. Theserver did ask me to send it back but by the second time, the steak was completely charred on the outside but still super rareon the inside. My husband likes rare steak, so he opted to take it home, but I was very unhappy. Then lastly, you could hear oneof the staff members in the kitchen cursing from our table. We have a one-and-a-half-year-old who is picking up words, so Ireally did not appreciate that either. Really expensive dinner to be concerned about bugs, food preparation, and service. Read more

Jennifer ?JJ? McCaw 1 year ago

Great food and great memories. Used to go here with my parents and grandparents as a kid. They still have escargot, which I used... to eat with my mom. You don't find that anywhere anymore. So amazing! Can't wait to go back. Read more

Kasey Kinsella 1 year ago

I had the pleasure of dining with the family of "The Bride to be". I'm the officiant of her wedding. The atmosphere was really... nice and the lighting was just right. The server Bobby was very nice and accommodated each person perfectly, everyone enjoytheir meal wich was delicious and cooked as ordered. I highly recommend this for family gatherings, business meetings, and evena fancy date with someone special. Read more

Eric Englert 1 year ago

The Food was very good and came out fairly quick. However, server was much less to be desired. The server has definitely been... there many many years and is set in her own ways of serving customers. This was quite obvious for myself to see being in therestaurant business for along time. It took along time for us to even get drinks and bread to start eating. Keep in mind she hadmaybe 3-4 tables to serve besides our 8 top. Of which 2 of tables had dinner already. So first off, she refilled a coke with icetea and didn’t offer to grab a new one. Instead made a joke about how it could be a new drink, which I couldn’t believe.Secondly I told her before dinner meal and after dinner I wanted a soup to go on a separate bill. When I leaned back in my chairto remind her, she casually walked by and said nothing like she didn’t even hear me. Needless to say I never got my soup. Thenwe wanted dessert of which she I think unless the kids hadn’t had asked for the ice cream that came with the meals, shewouldn’t have even offered. So then she bought the bill out and then it sat on the table for a good 15-20 minutes while hertip dwindled away. I also noticed the restaurant GM absolutely doing nothing and not checking on any tables but instead sitingup front on a chair for an hour looking at the wall and then proceeded to move to the bar area and watch a football game.Probably won’t be returning to there again unless I like slow and terrible service. My dad had told before I went there theservice was terrible. Should have listened to his advice. Read more

Brett Curtis 1 year ago

Sadly, not a good experience. Shorted me a baked potato, prime rib was not quite "prime", dinner salad was quite sparse and food... quality was not on the same level as price. Service was somewhat surly, as if it was a burden to take my order. I do tip well,but the reciprocity in friendly service and tasty food was not there. I realize restaurants are tough, but at least try. Secondtime bad experience, so I suppose it would be wise to find somewhere else for prime rib, salad and baked potato. I certainly donot take any joy or satisfaction in relating this culinary experience. Read more

M MD 2 years ago

Dinner date for Valetine's day. The food is awesome! Bobie, our server is great. I wish the management will consider a soft... background music for their guests, because listening to the clinking of silverware ruins the mood. Read more

Sean Leary 2 years ago

I must first say that I enjoy the food... However, the service that you can expect here doesn't merit even the one star. I... called @ 7:45 pm on 09/14/2021. I ATTEMPTED to order prime rib and escargot for takeout and was told that they are too busy toaccommodate a takeout order. So I paid them a visit to see this for myself. Once I got there (8pm), it was nearly empty. Thisisn't the first time I've been denied takeout. Another evening, while waiting at the bar for my takeout order, I had beenlectured by a cook about how I needed to pay for my side of tomatoes. ??? Um, OK. But here's the thing, I didn't ring the foodup because I'm not an employee. I have NEVER experienced such lousy service. They don't deserve the patronage. I got ribs fromthe Longhorn Steakhouse instead. Read more