Reviews for Scooter's Coffee in Omaha, NE

Xandy Krueger 1 year ago

While ordering I apparently forgot to say "Medium". I didn't think much about it until I drove up and could hear the staff... inside laughing about it annoyed stating "It's the first thing you usually say...I want a Medium..." and continued. The store issmall so it's easy to hear in my car. I wasn't rude, not did I say anything. It's absolutely ridiculous to make those commentswhile I'm sitting there because the employees had to ask 1 question. Read more

Michaela Cushinberry 1 year ago

The young lady who took my order was uneducated on gluten free items, or if scooters even sold gluten free products...

Katrina Gutgsell 1 year ago

I ordered a coffee, we arrived a minute or two after they closed. I used to work fast food, and I hate late customers as much as... the next person but this lady in building saw us and decided to go into the back. We waited a few minutes to try to see if wecould at least get a refund, but she continued to stay in the back. We tried calling multiple times but she refused to answerthe phone. As she was taking trash out I tried talking to her to ask what I need to do to get a refund or get my order. Sheturned to us and gave us a nasty look and said they were closed. The least she could've done was help us get a refund butinstead she was very rude and unkind. Read more

Kayla Tison 2 years ago

Bought a large blender but didn?t even fill it to the top! Ridiculous. Who wants 4 inches of whipped cream? ????

Chad 2 years ago

Scooter's is a fairly popular regional chain of coffeehouses, so unless you're new to the area you're probably very familiar... with it. This is one of their many drive-thru only locations and is located in Park Drive Plaza. Employees are fast andfriendly. Coffee tastes like I expect it to. Be sure to use their app for rewards if you're a regular. Read more

Victoria Martinez 2 years ago

So I usually get the same thing just the size is different.. yesterday I go to scooters and order my hot coffee I get to the... window my total is 6.45 I thought that was a little high then usual but I am aware of everyone increasing price so I don't mind.I did order a small hot pumpkin carmelious. Well they hand me a blended so I ask them to correct it. The girl got an attitudereal quick. Well this morning I again go to the same scooters as it is the one in the parkinglot of where I am. Today I order amedium hot pumpkin carmelious with an extra shot. Well my total was 6.17 she kept some of my change and only gave me back 13.25which is upsetting because I leave tips in their jar. So not only is the price thing of concern to me but keeping small amountsof change which im guessing she is doing to everyone just to gain a bigger tip. Its really sad. And now I will be giving a newlocation my business. Read more

Erik Murphy (EjPenguin) 4 years ago

I decided to stop by before work to grab some breakfast and a coffee. When I arrived they were very sweet and pretty quick. The... downside however was my burritos were both really cold. I couldn't finish eating them because of how cold they were. The coffeewas really good. Read more

Kirsti Hollingsworth 4 years ago

I was over charged for my coffee this morning by at least $4 and when I called the last stated i was only charge the $5 and... change for the coffee. When I told he I can show her my bank statement on my phone she said to take it up with my bank!!! Youmust lost a loyal customer and everyone I know will be hearing about this 1 large turtle latte is not $9.76 Read more